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Information the Graphical Way, 30 Intriguing Examples of Infographics

As an introduction, Infographics means information graphics or you can simply say that infographics is the representation of data, information and knowledge visually. Infographics is used best where there is complex information and which needs to be explained in a way that is clear, quick and can be memorized easily. The most common areas where infographics are used are education, technical writing, journalism, maps and signs, however, the use is not limited to simply that. It can be used in as many places as their is need and where its use can be suitable and beneficial. On a higher level, infographics are used by statisticians, mathematicians and computer scientists who employ this feature for ease in data presentation.

One latest trend of using infographics is by students and professionals who use it for presentations. So we thought of letting you get an introduction with this useful feature with Information the Graphical Way, 30 Intriguing Examples of Infographics. There are 30 special infographics examples that we have selected to let you know how inspirational this feature can be. Do take a look at these and I’m sure you will find them not only interesting but they will also plant an idea in your mind for using them.

Brokers’ Verdict

Resume Infographics

Alhambra of Garnada, Spain

McDonals and Starbucks Outlets

Calorine Intake and Outtake

6 de mayo 1937

Recolata Post Consumo

La Explosion del Jaime 1

On Mint Street

Les Echnges Commerciauz en 1981

Retrieving a Fallen Warplane

A 40 anos del Asesinato de martin Luther King

Economy of India and Indians

Consumers’ Saving Behaviour

Most Pirated Movies

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Cost of Ownership

Leopard 2-A4 el Cazador Nocturno

Los Motores Eolicos

Las Prticulas Hoy

20 de juio de 1976

Piggy Trouble

A DJ in Action

El historico viaje de Lindbergh

This is Living

Is Europe Due For a Big Chill?

La Cuestionada Technologia

Redrawing the Map

Where We Live

New York City’s Population by Day



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