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Illustrations that Matter, 40 Useful Adobe Illustrator 3D Tutorials

Adobe Illustrator has come in the designing world  as a blessing and a way to make the designing world a better place. It is a versatile application that allows designers and a lot of professional artists to explore the limits of creativity. It is an application that is quickly gaining a lot of popularity and is preferred by a lot these days. Vector illustration is so much better with Adobe Illustrator as it opens new ways to using vector illustration. Its the robust nature and it being loaded with powerful tools of Adobe Illustrator that makes it a ready-to-use application for any kind of vector work. Coupled with an intuitive interface, it seems even better.

Illustrator allows a designer to craft amazing 3D artwork and options to excel in that branch even more. Illustrations that Matter, 40 Useful Adobe Illustrator 3D Tutorials is our collection of some incredibly useful tutorials and techniques that are highly useful for anyone trying to pursue in this area. We have collected the very best of the tutorials, ones which provide detailed instructions to use this application in a better way. So without further ado, lets look at these tutorials. Choose the ones you think you want to start off with or you can learn all of these to add diversity to your skills.

Using Swift as a Powerful 3D Illustration Tool

Merge 3D with Illustrator and Photoshop

Colourful 3D Text Explosion Using Illustrator and Photoshop

3D Vector Calendar Icon

Translucent IM Style Illustrator Icon Tutorial

Gradient Meshes Introduction

 Cool 3D logo

Disco Ball

3D Logo Tutorial

Make 3D Yet Flat Looking Shopping Basket Icons

Drawing a Vase in Illustrator

3D Hammer using Illustrator

3D Dice

3D Flower Pot

 Halloween Pumpkin

Make a 3d Red Blood Cell Button

3D Chess Board, King, and Pawn

Making of an Abstract Artwork

3D Graphs

Create a 3D Push Pin and a Paper Note in Illustrator

 3D Isometric Vector Icon Tutorial

Create a Checkered 3D Chess Figure Scene

How to Map Artwork onto 3D Objects with Illustrator

3D Bowl

Create a Rotatable Globe in Adobe Illustrator

Design a Business Report Cover

3D Charts in Adobe Illustrator CS

3D Effects in Illustrator CS

2D Spark Plug Diagram from 3D Components in Illustrator

How to Make 3D Vector Vintage Stars

 Create an Animated 3D Poker Chip and Part II

Creating Omspace 3D cylinder graphic in Illustrator

3D Objects and Transparencies to Make a Vector Cola Bottle Design

3D Blue LCD Alarm Clock

Let’s Make a Playful yet Robust 3D Letter Design

 Fun with AI’s 3D tool

Design Gift Boxes Using Illustrator’s 3D Tools

Create a Can of Beans by Mapping Vectors to a 3D Object

Use the power of Illustrator to create cool 3D infographics

Create an Open Book with Illustrator’s 3D Extrude & Bevel Tool


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