5 Basic Myths and Fallacies About Creativity

Creative people are just unique people. They can get inspiration from anything and almost everything. The way they see the world is totally different from how others perceive it. Creative people do face some creative blockage now and then and at such points, they are often lectured to get creative, think outside the box and what not. What people fail to understand is that forcing for creativity or providing luxuries and interesting/creative rooms do not work for bring out the creativity. There are a lot of false ideas in people’s head regarding creativity and its different aspects that are nothing but plain myths. Today, we will discuss the most basic of these false ideas or myths associated with creativity.

# 1 Creativity Runs with Pockets Full

Some people think that raising a salary or rewarding your creative department will have a huge influence on their creativity and they will give them outstanding results. As an employee, you can ask for a raise if you feel a little de-motivated or as an employer you can give a raise to expect a boost in performance however, unfortunately, creativity does not work that way. According to some recent studies, such perks can motivate employees to work harder but this does not guarantee and improvement in the quality of the work. So, it is better that as a creative person, you should bring out your best creative side when you are not bestowed with all the luxuries. Once you do, you will then get all this and at that time, it will be all well deserved.

# 2 Pressure Can Sqeezes out Creativity

It is commonly perceived that people work best under pressure and tight deadlines. Some employees have often heard claiming that it is in fact true. But the reality and the main reason behind working under pressure is poor working habits. Studies and researches suggest that performance and creativity are much likely to suffer under pressure. In fact a person cannot work at all for a few days after going through a pressurized situation. If you really want to give your best creative work, you should work on it long before your deadlines because this way your mind can focus more on creativity and less on the clock ticking on your head.

# 3 Focusing Helps Creative Thinking

Hunkering down and focusing will help you in thinking about some great ideas is again a fallacy. Instead of acting all serious and sitting on your desk, try to spend some lighter moments as spending good times can actually bring in some great ideas in your head. Apart from laughter, booze is considered to be a great stimulant to help your creativity flow. The reason is that these things relax your mind and with a relaxed mind, you are able to think better and be much more creative. So, instead of focusing too much, allow yourself to get some space and enjoy. In order to let yourself loose, decorate your work area with the stuff that makes you laugh or go out on a lunch with co-workers or friends. Do stuff that will help you in relaxing and when you will come back, you will be all set to get all creative and that too without any pressure.

# 4 Grouping Up is a Creativity Catalyst

Grouping up people will lead to more creative and innovative ideas are not at all a good idea. A creative person is more likely to be an introverts and for introverts cannot relax or think around lots of people and that too where there is a lot of interruption. Also, in a difficult situation or under pressure, when you are sitting with a group trying to come up with an idea, people will avoid telling ideas in order to avoid any sort of embarrassment. Working in groups is a great idea for other departments or for presenting your idea.

However, if you really want to think of some innovative ideas sit all by yourself and then do it. Working in a group will bring instant judgments on your idea and this can really affect you morale. So, generate a few ideas on your own and then allow people to judge it so that you are in the condition to handle criticism.

# 5 Distractions Hinder Creative Flow

Creative and artistic people are often imagined all alone, working in a solitary condition. A creative person should have no distractions at all is a gain a myth. He, too, is a human being and a little bit of distraction can sometimes prove to be fruitful. In fact, a person can think of some great ideas once he gets done with the distracted part as it kills the creative blockage. It also depends on the ‘kind’ of distraction. Yes, an annoying phone call can totally kill the creative mood but a light conversation over a cup of tea with a co-worker or a friend can really help you in get going again.


Artists, creative people are like us and they too live a normal life. So, associating such myths with them can kill their creativity more. They do not have to be left all alone to come up with a creative idea. Every person is unique and every creative person has his own ways of getting inspired. So instead of judging them, we should set these creative people absolutely free.

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Humaira is a back-end creative writer and experienced media professional. When she is not working, it is most likely that she is thinking about the missing piece of her life and how to find it.

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