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Absolutely Simple Photoshop Tutorial for Motion Blur Effect

Photoshop is magical, especially when you know how to use it well for your requirement.For me learning Photoshop was from a series of trial and error processes. I learnt things in one way and then applied it another way is an entirely new dimension or wherever I needed. There are so many Photoshop features that it takes you a life time to learn them all. However taking one step a time should be your way to go. Therefore today’s tutorial will give you that one step that you will take you further towards Photoshop expertise. My today’s tutorial is Absolutely Simple Photoshop Tutorial for Motion Blur Effect. It will help you create a motion blur effect in any object you want. The steps to create motion blur as as follows:

Step 1.

Open and image in Photoshop that you want to work on. As we are going to give motion blur effect to an automobile I have taken the image of a road as Background image.

Step 2.

Select the Background image layer and go to Filter > Blur > Radial Blur

Step 3.

Put the value of Radial Blur 20 as I have metioned in the following figure, or you can adjust it according to your image. Check Zoom for Blur Method and Best for Quality.

Step 4.

This is how your image is going to look like one you have applied the Radial Blur.

Step 5.

Now take the image of an automobile and crop it along the edges. Move this image of automobile onto the Background image and place it a little tilted and towards one side. I have taken the image of a futuristic car and placed it a little above the road to show as if it is flying.

Note: Dulicate the layer of this image of automobile, becuase we will be needing it afterwards.

Step 6.

Now repeat the same step you did on the Background image i.e. Filter > Blur > Radial Blur and put the value 10 as shown below.

Step 7.

This is how your image of automobile will look like after applying  radial blur.

Step 8.

Now select the automobile image layer on which you have just applied the Radial Blur and by keeping the earlier Duplicated layer below it, pick the Eraser Tool (E) and erase the image in the middle, leaving some blur areas at the edges.

Step 9. This is how your final image will look like. You can add blur effect in this same way to any object of any shape.

Do let me know about your experience in experimenting with this Photoshop effect or if this tutorial has helped you in any way. Will wait for your comments!



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