Cloud Computing and All About It

There was a time when ‘being in clouds’ meant to day dream or to think about something other than work. Bosses used to hate the employees for being in the clouds while on work. However, like many other aspects of our life, the latest technology has changed the meaning of many things around us. Short Messaging System (SMS) takes the longest part of our lives and everyone can be in a ‘social network’ no matter how isolated he is in real life.

Similar is the case with the aforementioned term ‘being in the cloud’, because nowadays being in the cloud means to use cloud computing for file sharing and transferring over the Internet. Cloud computing has recently gained a boost among the computer users all over the world to achieve which was not possible only a few decades back. Let us discuss what cloud computing is, and how it affects our lives.

Cloud Computing

If you are not aware of what cloud computing really is, do not worry or get embarrassed as many people are still unaware of the real meaning of cloud computing. Cloud computing basically helps user in simplifying his online work. Since it is an internet based things, the information is shared with other computing devices and software to divide the work load. A very simple and plain example to make you understand the concept of cloud computing would be our email addresses for instance hotmail or Gmail.

By logging into your email addresses you are logging into cloud system. It is very simple; the emails are not stored in your system and in order to access them, you allow other devices to get your information and share emails with you. This is exactly what cloud computing is. Cloud computing has its branches so do not make a mistake of associating it with only email addresses.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Like all other technologies on the planet, cloud computing has its own advantages and disadvantages. Following are some main advantages of clous computing for the users.

Instant Establishment

As soon as you opt for cloud computing, you are automatically giving an access to your team of all the necessary and important tools. It does not matter if you are establishing a new business or if you already have a big and well established business, cloud computing will always be there to help you out with providing all the needed tools and that too, on very reasonable prices. So, establishing an association with cloud computing is not at all time taking. This is one of the numerous benefits of cloud computing.

Scaling Up & Down

With the passage of time when your company will grow, your networking and IT department will grow with it. At a certain point you might have to expand by purchasing more servers and hiring more networking and IT staff. If you opt for cloud computing, you can simplify this process a lot as planting your information within the cloud will help you in scaling up and down instantly and this will avoid any sort of collateral damage. So another benefits of cloud computing is that its scalable and can help you in avoiding a big damage to your entire system.

Makes You Independent

We all know that tools and servers related to IT and networking are very expensive and once an employer buys them, he is stuck with them for the longest time as changing them every now and then is not an easy task. Traditional IT Technology does not allow you to evolve with the passage of time and as per the changes in your own business. Cloud computing gives you the much needed independence and you can evolve with the technology without having to worry about the system’s reaction. The cloud will make managing projects much easier.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

As mentioned earlier, there are good and bad points about everything so let’s take a look at disadvantages of cloud computing:

Sanctuary Breaches

Almost all companies are very strict when it comes to their data and other sort of information. The reason could be any behind this strictness but it is indeed important to keep the data protected. With cloud computing, since you are sending out your confidential information and you are sharing it, you are increasing the chances for any sort of security breaches and information leakage. Obviously, it is not at all a good thing and mostly employers would prefer spending money instead of putting their confidential information on stake by sharing it with cloud computing.

Not So Reliable

Cloud computing is not very reliable in terms of servers and usage. Servers do crash and it is something which cannot be avoided. If you are using servers owned by you, you will obviously have a planned back-up just in case a server crashes. However, cloud computing is not reliable as there are no back-ups. Amazon is working on resolving this issue but it I very expensive and the success of it cannot be guaranteed as well. Unreliability along with security issues, cloud computing can be really dangerous at times.

Cloud Residing

The servers for the cloud computing are not something in the cloud. They, too, have a location and obviously they have to reside somewhere too. It is very important for laws of most country to know where cloud computing servers are located. Since it something regulated by law, it can be accessed by the officials of that country any moment so your data is not at all safe.

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