Freshen Up Your Day with Designer Jokes and Design Humor

Designing is a very fun job and designers often find themselves in very comical situations. For a designers, designing is not just a profession, it is rather his lifestyle and is the most important factor in his daily life. Some designers are so much into this lifestyle of designing that their passion often creates humorous situations. Such situations become designer jokes or design humor and turn out to be an ultimate source of amusement for all who are in the field and even to others.

Here is a compilation of some witty images and comics that can Freshen Up Your Day with Designer Jokes and Design Humor so that the designers may know how indulged they are in their work and take some time to laugh about it.


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Asma Abbass is a professional content writer based in Lahore. She has an aim to do something some day that breaks the modus operandi of her life.

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  2. Luis Acevedo

    i have a cheesy web design joke to add to your list. ” a web designers life is refreshing”-me

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  4. elie m. iskandar

    hey guys! thanks for posting my work on here 🙂 I’m the creator of the graphic designer stages.
    my name is Elie and this is just awesome! i had no idea that it was gonna take off like that! a lot of people have it on their office walls nowadays
    I’m a director of animation, Character designer/animator, voice actor, audio producer and well you guessed it a graphic designer hehe
    thanks a bunch! if anyone wants a high res version of this feel free to email me on ccnea at hotmail all the best!

    • admin

      great work Elie, CreatiWittyBlog loved your work and the pleasure is all ours!

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  6. CRD Media

    Good jokes about the designers, wonder who designed these 🙂 Thanks for the post. The most I enjoyed is the 7th. It certainly refreshed the day. Please keep this kind of posts coming in future.

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