Invigorate Your Design with 35+ Photoshop Texture Tutorials

In Photoshop designing, textures play integral part in the making of a design. Textures are usually used for image backgrounds as well as to give a realistic touch to a graphic in Photoshop. Testures are a useful resource for both web as well as graphic designers that help them in making digital and realistic designs well. Textures are really helpful in making charming typography as well. There can be hardly any designer working on Photoshop that my not have used textures in his graphics.

It is due to this importance of textures that graphic designers are making more and more attractive and useful textures everyday and offer it as a resource to their fellow designers through websites and blogs. These textures can range from natural material (like wood, leaf, grass and stones) to other material (like wall, road, fabric and smoke etc.). Yet there are so many ways in which you can make and use textures in your design. Our today’s post highlights the importance and usability of textures and how it can Invigorate Your Design with 35+ Photoshop Texture Tutorials. Do let us know of your experience about this post!

Turn a Texture into a Seemlessly Tiled Background

Create a Photo Manipulation with Your Own Photos & Textures

Create a Texture-Based Poster in Photoshop

Create a Copper Photoshop Text Effect

Creating Old Paper with Custom Brushes

Design an Old-Style Safari Map

Apply Textures to Uneven Surfaces

Basics of Texture and Colouring

Abstract Space Background

Dirty Design: Create a Grungy Thriller Book Cover

An Old Texture from Ancient Times

Create a Realistic Stone Texture in Photoshop

Smooth and Fresh Text Effect with Leaves and Stone Texture 

Adding Texture to the Skin

Create Smoke Effect on Grungy Wallpaper

Create a Vintage Radio Poster in Photoshop

Apply a Texture to an Object

Let’s Rock

Realistic View Wooden Applique

Creating Chameleon Effect Fabric Texture

Design a Grunge-Styled Portrait in Photoshop

Use Texture and Lighting to Create Rounded Artwork

Create an Awesome Background Using Patterns

Creating “Smokey Dancer” (Using Light/Texture Effects)

Create Eroded Metal Text with Photoshop

Realistic Coffee Stain Design Using Illustrator and Photoshop

Create a 3D Leaf from a Texture Photograph

Abstract Lines Background

Create a Wood Background in Photoshop

Textured Text Effects in Photoshop

Create Fantastic Stone Textures in Photoshop

Design a Grunge Header Part I & Part II

Create a Rusty Chain in Photoshop

Create a Rusty Texture in Photoshop

Create High-Impact Backgrounds Using Photoshop

3D Text Shatter Effect


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