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Wide Array of Most Vibrant Installation Art (Part ll)

CreatiWittyBlog previously did a post on installation art comprising of the Largest Collection of World’s Most Aesthetic Installation Art (Part l) which was greately appreciated by our visitors. Continuing with it, we present to you Wide Array of Most Vibrant Installation Art (Part ll). But before we start with this wonderful showcase, let us tell you some things about installation art.

By definition, installation art is an artistic genre of three-dimensional works that are mostly site-specific. Installations are basically designed to transform the perception of a space and can be either temporary or permanent. One of the most well-known pioneers of installation art was an American artist Allan Kaprow who introduced many forms of installation art to the world.

Installation art is constructed indoors (like exhibition spaces such as museums and galleries etc), as well as outdoors (like open air public and private spaces) and integrates an array of everyday and natural materials, as well as new media technologies such as video, sound, performance, immersive virtual reality and the Internet.

However, the emergence of Internet and new media technologies have given birth to a sub-form of installation art i.e. Interactive Installation Art that involves the audience interacting with the work of art or the art responding to users’ activity. CreatiWittyBlog will showcase some examples of interactive installation art in the coming days.

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  1. Prue Wilson

    Awesome collection but could you please include the names of the artists
    and reference the source of the images.

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