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Off with Dull Twitter Background 30 Twitter Background Tools

Lately, I’m seeing a lot of Twitter users who are tired of the same blue typical Twitter background. You don’t say but what it means is, it has started to look stale. If only there was something that could spice it up a little. Well, to the much delight of all those people, there actually is a way, and a very good one at that. If you are looking to add some personality to your Twitter page, you have come to the right place.

In our post Off with Dull Twitter Background 30 Twitter Background Tools, we have brought you the tools that can add life and color to your same old Twitter page. When you can personalize the screens of your phone and computer which you use a lot, why not add it to your favorite social networking site? Because, admit it, Twitter users use it religiously and looking at the same dull screen can make you bored. Changing the background can add it a more personalized feel to it, something that you like looking at. It also acts as an impression of you. besides, if you have the option of updating your Facebook profile picture anytime you want, why should your Twitter stay dull!


Doctor Twitter



Twitter Backgrounds

Profile Band 

Free Twitter Gallery

Pattern Cooler


Tweety Got Back

Web Design Beach

We Love Backgrounds

Free Twitter Backgrounds – Hi-Res Grungy Set 1


Twitter Images

Custom Tweets

Custom Background for Twitter

Creative Twitter Background

Flickr My Background









Twitter Background 0.1

Twitter Background Checker

Free Twitter Designer



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