20 Business Card Tutorials and 15 Business Card Templates

As soon as you enter the corporate or entrepreneurial world, a business card is the very first thing that you come across either as a sender or a receiver. Whether you are giving someone your business card or receiving it from another person, a business card often turns out to be your first professional impression. However, the importance of a business card is not a mama’s secret anymore. Almost every individual entering or surviving in the business world knows very well how important is a business card to make a mark in the market. Therefore every professional strives to land his/her business card on the clients’ desk as much as possible. This practice makes your client end up with a big stack of business cards from many enthusiastic professionals like you. However, this is where the real power of your business card is required. Your business card should be made in a way that it stands out from the rest and your client should feel himself compelled enough not to throw your card away with others.

There have been different posts on different blogs providing you inspiration for unique and creative business cards. However, very few topics revolve around how to make one. Therefore, our today’s post comprises of 20 Business Card Tutorials and 15 Business Card Templates, having all the things needed to make an impressionable and fantastic business card for yourself or your client. Do let us know of your exprience!

Business Card Tutorials

Cardboard and Torn Paper Business Card

Design a Print Ready Business Card for Designers

Design a Cool and Original Jean Style Business Card

How to Design an Abstract Business Card in Photoshop

How to Design Your Business Card

Cool Business Card

Making Creative Business Card

How to Design Business Card

Grungy Business Card

How To Design a Print Ready Die-Cut Business Card

Creating a Cartoony Print-Ready Business Card in Photoshop

Designing a Business Card with InDesign CS5

Create a Fun Print-Ready Doodled Business Card Design

Design a Unique Business Card

Make a Swiss Design Inspired Business Card

Business Card Design Walkthrough

Business Card Tutorial in Inkscape

Create  a Retro Grunge Style Business Card

Create a Business Card in Illustrator

Design a Dirty Business Card

Business Card Templates

Technix Business Card

Free Business Card PSD

Business Card Template Packs

Business Card Template

More Salon Business Cards Photoshop Templates

corporate AND

A Business Card Template Pack

Grey Business Card

Splat Business Card with PSD

Black business card

Asian-Inspired Personal Business Cards Templates

Business card

Colorful Business Card Template

Free Modern Business Card – II

DS Free Business Card Print Template

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