30 Highly Effective WordPress Theme Design Tutorials

Blogging owes its popularity to the wonderful CMS (Content Management System) platforms that are available in the virtual world. Although, blogger have a number of choices when it comes to choosing a platform, however, according to statistics and general observation, WordPress has been the most successful and most popular professional CMS platform being used all over the world. There are millions of websites and blogs on WordPress and are being maintained successfully on it. WordPress has so much to offer to both armature and professional users that no other CMS platform has been able to provide so far.

For every WordPress blog or website, you need a special WordPress theme design, that suits your needs and goes according to the requirements of the growing trends. Many web designers design and develop wonderful WordPress themes for their selves or their users. Although there are many Free WordPress Themes available on the Internet for instant download and use, however, if you want to be one of them but don’t know how to get started and undergo a WordPress theme design, here are 30 Highly Effective WordPress Theme Design Tutorials. Have a learned experience and don’t forget to let us know about it.

The Ultimate WordPress Theme Tutorial

Powering Your Design With WordPress

So you want to create WordPress themes huh?

Ultimate Guide to WordPress Menus

How to Create a WordPress Theme from Scratch

Developing Your First WordPress Theme

Designing for WordPress: Complete Series

WordPress Shortcodes: The Right Way

How to Code a WordPress 3.0 Theme from Scratch

WordPress Theme Development Training Wheels

How to Build a Custom WordPress Theme from Scratch

Building Custom WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme Tutorial

Basics Of WordPress Theme Design

How to Build A WordPress Theme From Scratch

WordPress Theme Tutorial In 14 Lessons

How To Create WordPress Themes From Scratch

Create a Typography Based WordPress Blog Theme

How to Build a Basic Portfolio WordPress Theme

How To Create Your Own Custom WordPress Theme

Create a Multi-Layout Portfolio with WordPress

Rock-Solid WordPress 3.0 Themes using Custom Post Types

How to Build Custom Widgets for Your Themes

Creating a Simple Child Theme Using Twenty Eleven

An Alternative to the Shortcode Madness

How to Create Simple & Universal CSS-Based Button Styles

How To Build A WordPress CMS Theme

How to create a child theme for the Base theme for WordPress

How To Create Your Own Clean And Minimal WordPress Themes

6 Essential Plugins For WordPress Theme Developers

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    Thanks for adding the Menu tutorial to the list as well.

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  3. welogodesigner

    First of all i would like to thank you for sharing such important info to all learners out there. I have been finding good reading tuts for improving my skills on different designing projects but always find myself in an difficult situation to decide the best one. But the way you have described is superb. Wish you all the best and keep posting.

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