Interesting Blue Avatars of Famous Celebrities

Avatar was one of the most magnificent science fictional movies ever made in the world of cinema production. Right from the first day of its release till the very day it was screened a cinema for the last time, the movie got a house-full and unimaginable applause by the audience. The most famous characters of the movie were the tall blue creatures upon which the story involved and who were the actual Avatars. These blue avatars good so much fame that even after the movie finished its screening in the cinemas, these avatars remained a favorite of young and old alike. There were parties with Avatar theme, Avatar costumes and even Avatar make-overs became the hottest trend.

Going with the flow of this trend, many shrewd graphic artists made some absolutely splendid blue Avatars of known faces and people. In out today’s post, we strive to present some Interesting Blue Avatars of Famous Celebrities developed by different graphic designers at different times. If you like these graphical masterpieces of blue Avatars, don’t hesitate to show it as well by letting us know through you comments.


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