Witty HD Wallpaper with Downloadable PSD

Wallpapers may seem a relatively significant part of your computer or other digital device, but for many, including me, wallpapers are a platform of expressing one’s feelings, interests and expressions to the onlookers and the people in your environment. Wallpaper is the first thing people usually look upon while starting their day, and so, many of them want it to be perfect, interesting and mostly witty. A witty wallpaper enables you to have a pleasant start of your work day and freshen up your thoughts.

However, no matter how witty or interesting the wallpaper is, if it is not HD, then there is no point putting it up. Therefore, keeping all the requirements in mind and fusing my wits with it, I have designed this Witty HD Wallpaper with Downloadable PSD to put a smile of your faces. Enjoy and let me know of your experience!

Download PSD

Download high resolution image


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Arfa Mirza is a writer and a bumped-into-photoshop designer. She is a regular contributor at Hongkiat from last three years. CreatiWittyBlog is her own blog through which she gives her offerings to the goddess of creativity. And when she is not doing any of that, she is baking the most heavenly cakes in the world.

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