Evaluating Apple’s Ecommerce through Apple App Store

There was a time when ecommerce was considered to be a messy business involving a number of web professional to develop and maintain an online store. Well, this is not the case anymore. Nowadays there are many quality services that enable you able to sell online in shortest possible time with minimum possible resources.  However, I am not going to discuss the importance and advantages of an ecommerce business or an online store in this post. Our today’s post is more like a case study discussion about one of the largest ecommerce websites present on the Internet.

Apple App Store is the largest app store and one of the biggest ecommerce websites in the virtual world. With more than 1,00,000 apps, Apple App Store is being visited by thousands of customers every single day. For the owners and stakeholders, Apple App Store is a source of continued revenue generation and a clear sign of customer loyalty (both of which are most desired by corporations all over the world). However for a customer and am app developer, Apple has some conflicting aspects in its App Store. Therefore in our post Evaluating Apple’s Ecommerce through Apple App Store, we will try to present both sides of the picture to our readers and I hope they’ll benefit from it.

The Pros

AUOR (All-Under-One-Roof) Solution

You call it ‘one-stop shop’ or ‘one-window solution’ or AUOR (all under one roof) facility, Apple App Store is actually the place where you can find anything to everything in form an application. Developers have worked on so many aspects of daily life and usability that one can hardly think of something that Apple App Store may not have an application about.

Seamless App Installation

In comparison with conventional ecommerce websites, Apple App Store has a significantly seamless payment and installation process. Buying and then installing an application is just a click away and if you have an iTunes account, the process is even more simple.

Strict Quality Assurance

Quality is a virtue Apple loves to stick to and it shows in the continuous evolution of its products. Take the example of very freshly released iPhone 5. Most features of iPhone 5 is better than its predecessors. When you are downloading an application from Apple App Store, you don’t need to worry about its quality. Apple has a strict quality assurance policy for developers who upload their applications on Apple App Store that tends to maintain a high quality in every single application so that the users get the best on every step.

Prompt and Easy Updates

Apple is an up-to-date company and likes to keep its users updated as well. Therefore you will have no problem in knowing whenever there is an update regarding an application you already have, or if there is a better application altogether that may release you from an old and boring app.

The Cons

Odd Ranking System

Apple App Store is not just bout goodie goodie stuff. The most obnoxious thing I find about this app store is that the rating system is odd and unfair. Only the most downloaded apps are featured properly leaving out so many good apps that may not have been downloaded much but are still better than the most downloaded ones. Moreover, there is a glitch about Apple App Store that app developers put up fake reviews and repeated downloads to heighten their ratings which ultimately affects the users.

Only Source for Apple Apps

As mentioned earlier that Apple App Store is ‘one stop shop’ for all Apple apps, this may turn out to be a disadvantage for the users sometimes. Providing multiple sources to the users to download Apple’s different apps can positively affect the user experience.

No Demo No Trial

Most applications on Apple App Store are not free, and when you are paying for something, you have the right to test it out first. This is a basic aspect of consumer psychology which Apple App Store seems to ignore. There are no free trials or demos for the apps where a user can experience its features before spending money on it.

Control Freak

As we all know that Apple has been controlling and maneuvering market trends from a long time. The same aptitude has been seen  in Apple App Store’s ‘terms and conditions’ for the developers where there are too many dos and don’ts to get an app up on the store, a great hindrance to creativity.

The Wrap Up

Besides a neat layout and easy navigation, Apple App Store has so many things to offer a user. But still there are many things that keep it from being the most best. I think Apple should consider rectifying some of there flaws as their customership and revenue generation both depend a lot on Apple App Store.

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Asma Abbass is a professional content writer based in Lahore. She has an aim to do something some day that breaks the modus operandi of her life.

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