How to Kindle Creativity in an Uncreative Work Environment

If you are part of an uncreative work environment, staying creative is a non-stop battle for you. As a creative person, you will see things different in comparison to how others perceive it. Non-creative people will only see the outer appearance and appreciate the beauty. A creative person will judge the entire product. Creative people get affected easily by the energy around them and if you are constantly staying in a non-creative environment, it is bound to affect your creative side a little bit if, not a lot. People argue that, for instance, when you have mobile website design software, why would you need a creative web designer to do this job, and then a creative professional finds himself in an uncreative task.

When non-creative energy weighs you down you can feel very exhausted and drained out. Also, if you are constantly designing one thing after another and you are under pressure of meeting deadlines, you will lose out on the creative process. It will be all about just getting the thing done. So, as a creative person what should you do when you are caught up in deadlines, demands, requests and a whole lot of other stuff. Following are a few ways to stay creative when your work environment gets way too uncreative for you.

Set Your Focus

You need to focus and differentiate your personal and professional life. It is very easy to get caught up in the daily mundane tasks of work but you should try your level best to leave work at work place. Precisely, this means that you should not be taking your work issues back home. You should make some plans after work that can re-energize you and keep the positivity and creativity alive in you. Here are some useful tips on how you can maintain your creative drive. Every person has a different way of staying optimistic so you will know better what should be done to make you think positive. Once you learn to stay positive you will realize that it is helping you a lot in staying creative at your current job even if things and environment is getting not-so-creative.

Accept Creative Challenges

While at work you normally get to do the same kind of task again and again which means you are hardly getting to do anything really creative. In order to be able to stay creative you need to pounce on creative opportunities coming your way. Once in a while if not frequent, you will come across a creative challenge so make sure you accept it. This will give a boost to your creative side and you will feel good after realizing that creativity is still alive in you. If you are a designer and you are bored of the mundane tasks, take up a few freelance projects in order to do something interesting, different and creative.

Passion Projects

As mentioned earlier, regular daytime jobs do not offer enough to satisfy your creative hunger. If you are lucky enough to get some extra time after your job, take up some interesting and creative projects. Ofcourse, taking rest is also important so do this exercise if you have time left after job and taking rest. This is indeed a great way to keep yourself motivated and feel good about being a creative person. Recharging your creative batteries every now and then is very important and taking up such projects will help you in doing so.

Interact with Creative People

In order to keep your creativity alive, you need to keep yourself around other creative people. You can always local art galleries or workshops being held. It is a great way to interact with new folks and interact with them. Plus, creative discussions with other creative people will open a lot new doors for your creative side. Blogs and social networking websites are also a great way to find like minded people who can share some good knowledge with you. This will not only help you in keeping your creative side alive but will also bring in a lot of good career growth opportunities your way.

Put Your Ideas Into Motion

This is one idea where most of the creative people need to work on. Creative people have a lot of ideas that they think will turn out to be fantastic but very few actually execute those ideas. If you really want to keep your creative side alive, you need to put your creative ideas into motion. Don’t just think about something. If you feel you have a great idea in your head, get up and do it. Also, it is very important to take criticism well and not let it affect you negatively. As a creative person, you should not worry too much about what people will think about your work. If you like something, design it.


There are a lot of ways to stay creative in a non-creative job or environment. Sometimes you need to be a lone too so shut yourself off and do something which will relax you. Keep looking for some tips to stay creative at your workplace. Last but not the least, do not let people get you down. Try to stay positive, execute your ideas and do something every now and then to keep your creative side alive. You can re-design your work place and make it creative if you think it is too dull for you. Above mentioned are only a few ways to stay creative however, as an individual you know it a lot better than anyone else as to what can keep your creativity alive. Just go for it.

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Humaira is a back-end creative writer and experienced media professional. When she is not working, it is most likely that she is thinking about the missing piece of her life and how to find it.

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