Logorama, Inspiring & Interesting Video for Logo Designers

Logo designing is one of the most exciting as well as most challenging task for designers. There are hundreds and millions of logos out there with whom we interact on daily basis. Our exposure to these logos is so much that we often become numb to their existence and undying importance. Somebody from the creative world soon realized this and decided to take up a creative challenge to gather as many logos possible and make an interesting video out of it.

Therefore in our today’s post Logorama, Inspiring & Interesting Video for Logo Designers, we are featuring Logorama, an Academy Award-winning short film which is an inspiring visual feat produced by H5 . H5 is a group of three very ambitious and creative professional François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy, and Ludovic Houplain. An evil Ronald McDonald wreaks havoc with two Michelin Man-style undercover cops in hot pursuit — chaos ensues. This amazing short film was made available to you by Vimeo via Human Music, which did some of the music and the sound design. I hope you like it and appreciate this creative effort, the way I did and let us know through comments.

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