Photoshop Tutorial, Create Shattered Face Photo Manipulation

The best thing I find about Photoshop is that it is not only interesting to work on this software, but learning it through Photoshop tutorials is interesting as well. To tell you about my experience, only a few months back, I was totally new to Photoshop and its working, but I only learned about all the amazing things it can do through Photoshop tutorials. To share my experience with you today I present Photoshop Tutorial, Create Shattered Face Photo Manipulation. This is a step-by-step tutorial that will enable you to learn the photo manipulation of producing shattered or piece-by-piece erosion of an image. Lets start our leaning endeavor. You can download the PSD file of this tutorial from here.

Shattered Face Photo Manipulation Tutorial

Step – 1

Take a photo or image of a person you want to work on. Make sure this image is clear and high quality. Also, you have to make sure that the background of this image should be black or dark. This is important for producing the right shattered face effect.

There are many websites from where you can download such an image, like Free Stock Image Resource and Free Stock Photos Online. Once you have selected and downloaded the image, Open it in Photoshop.

Step – 2

In this step you will have to create a grid over this image. To do so, open a New Document of 20×20 pixels in size. Create a New Layer and select Pencil tool with size 1 pixel (1 px) and color as White. With Pencil tool and color as white, draw left and bottom border to form an L shape. Now hide the Background layer and do Ctrl+A > Edit > Define Pattern and give a name to this pattern as Grid. This way you have produced a pattern.

Step – 3

Now go back to your actual image file create New Layer over the background image layer, pick the Paint Bucket tool and fill it with the freshly made Grid pattern.

Step – 4

Once the grid is placed on the image, Erase the grids that are outside the face area.

Step – 5

Now go to Edit > Transform > Warp and wrap the grid over the face as shown in the image below.

Step – 6

This is how the grid will look like after the wrap.

Step – 7

Now turn the Opacity of the grid layer to 30% and right click on the grid layer for blending options and go to Outer Glow > Blend Mode > Color Dodge with Opacity 100%, color White, Spread 0 and Size 5 px.

Step – 8

Create New Layer and with the help of Pen Tool, draw a path of different squarish holes over the grid holes on face as mentioned in the image below.

Step – 9

Go to Path tab > Ctrl + Left Click (on work path) and go back to Layers tab on layers panel, select the layer where you created the square holes and fill the selection with Black.

Step – 10

Now come to the layer where you drew the square holes and Ctrl+left click on it to load selection. Go to the layer of the face image and Ctrl + X to cut out the square holes out of the image, open a New Layer and press Ctrl + V to paste the square boxes cut before on the new layer. Once the square boxes are placed on the new layer, select the Move Tool and drag these boxes to the right of main image. Now go to Edit > Free Transform to reduce the size slightly and d

Step – 11

Repeat the same process mentioned in Step – 10 till you get some good number of square blocks and place them on the right of the image. Now to give some volume to the blocks, duplicate the blocks layer and shift the lower blocks layer some pixels up and left. Repeat this for several times till you will get the kind of effect shown in the figure below.

Step – 12

Right-click on the Sides layer and choose Blending Options. Activate Gradient Overlay and set Blend Mode to Normal, Opacity to 80%, Gradient from #000000 to #D58761 and Angle 180. Leave the rest as default.

Final Result

This is how the final result of the shattered face photo manipulation would look like. I bet you can do much better after getting to know about it through this tutorial. Do let us know of your experience.

Download PSD file of this tutorial

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