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Using Design Freebies as a Business Promotion Strategy

A growing number of developers and designers are making use of giving away free resources to promote their products and services and as the industry is getting highly competitive, any way of gaining exposure can work. Freebies are used not only to attract clients but also as a tool to promote the products.

Developers and designers can use the freebies in a number of ways for their benefit as these allow flexibility in its functions. You can put freebies on your own website and on the website or blog of someone else and as mentioned before, it will all help to attract clients and sell more products.
We have developed our today’s post to help you learn ways to gain maximum advantages from freebies based on our experience of using and reaping the fruit of freebies. Have fun learning!

Solid Planning

As would any other project require, planning is very important. Decide whether you want to use the freebies to gain some clientele or to promote the resources available on your website so that other designers can purchase them.

You’ll also need to plan whether you want to put the freebies up on your own blog or someone else’s blog. Moreover, you can also figure out whether you want to go for a separate website exclusively for freebies as that would require extra time and effort.

Pay Attention to Quality

Although freebies won’t go on to become a direct source of income for you, you should make sure that you put your best efforts in it to make it high quality and not focus on the quantity alone. People who will download freebies will be able to judge how the overall quality of your resources will be. If such freebies come useful to these people; they will definitely like to purchase other of your premium products. As for the clients, the quality of freebies will be a scale for them to judge what kind of quality work you can deliver to them.

Make a List through the Freebies

Building a list of designers to whom you are giving away your resources is always a good option. You can either have a separate mailing list where you ask people to subscribe as a favor for using your free resources or it can also be a subscription where you can keep your users updated with latest stuff available on your website. So any way you adopt, it will gain you more exposure and allow you to reach out to your frequent users.

Use Popular Blogs as a Platform

Popular blogs have a lot of subscribers and followers who check out the blog regularly. Such popular blogs also often allow other designers and develop to showcase their freebies on their website. If you can put your high quality resources on such blogs, it will help you gain a lot of exposure. What’s more, you might even get a link back to your website and/or get a brief author’s bio space. Though not a big step in promoting products on your website, it works a lot in bringing a few customers to your website and also a client or two who would want to check you up for their next project.

Although a famous blog may prove to be platform of opportunities for you, sometimes smaller websites can also do great things for you. First, it is easier to get your freebies across on a smaller website as they don’t have as much of offers, secondly, smaller websites may also have a dedicated followers who would like to explore new resources.

Use Your Brand Logo with the Preview Images

In cases where you are putting up your freebies on other websites, it’s a good practice if you also put the logo of your brand with the preview image. Mostly users simply scan through the content to see if it is of any use to them and don’t really pay attention to the source but if you have your logo attached with the preview image, they may remember it and recognize it the next time they see it somewhere else, taking it for the authenticity of the brand. Moreover, anyone who is scarping the content off such a blog where your freebie is showcased, they might also be scraping your brand name and logo and that means more exposure.

Same goes for branding your file name and folders. Users often download a large number of freebies and most often than not, they end up just lying in their computers. So if you can add your name on the file or folder of a freebie, you will be having an identity of your work in the user’s PC.

To Wrap it Up…

Freebies cannot bring you loads of clients or will sell a lot of products, but if you can release some really useful ones and keep a flow, it will definitely help to boost your business. In design world, every little effort counts and adds up to making money for you so you can be sure freebies can do a great deal for you.

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