Green Marketing, Promoting Your Business the Eco-Friendly Way!

If you think that being environmentally friendly is only for businesses that deal in green products, you might want to think again. Whether it’s some electronic manufacturer, restaurant or a clothing store, there are innumerable ways that you can use to market your products and offerings in an environmental-friendly way. There is no aspect of the product development plan where green marketing cannot be incorporated, may it be eco-friendly promotional products or online presence. The best part it, green marketing doesn’t need a lot of costs, in fact, and they are much lower in costs than anyone may think.

One must think now why you would want to develop green marketing strategies in the first place. So here’s the answer: the planet is facing an ever-growing threat of global warming and a big part of that is because of ourselves. The more advanced a thing gets, there is a bigger side effect and now I think you can do the math. We are being affected by the polluted environment in ways that we cannot even fathom sometimes. So as residents of this planet, this is our responsibility that we make this planet a better place to live in, not only for ourselves but also for future generations. With everyone playing their part, the good is going to happen. As the owner of a company, you have a whole lot of lives and resources related to you directly and indirectly where you have the power to influence them. So a step from you can make a big difference. Following are some of the things you can do to market your business while remaining eco-friendly.

Make a Change

Although green market strategies depend upon the working and the marketing ideas of a particular industry, there are some rules which can be applied generally, irrespective of the industry. The first step involves that you consider your company as a whole; whether your employees have to cover big distances to come to work or it has taken up a lot of carbon footprint to promote the merchandise and services of your company. Such a green marketing plan could start from considering restructuring the company. Telecommute employment and cloud computing has made it possible to save money and consume resources effectively.


Packaging Material

You’ll be surprised how a simple packaging change can bring a lot of greenness in your marketing campaign. Consider how simply changing from plastic packaging to biodegradable carton can have a good effect on the environment. Another way of going green is to take a control over the use of paper. It is correct that a beautifully designed brochure can go a long way in working for your promotion but if you switch to something that a user wouldn’t want to just throw away after reading can be great for you like a reusable paper bag or a fridge magnet.


Take Your Consumers Along

As mentioned above, since you are looking at the company as a whole, consumers are also a part so they should also be involved in the green marketing strategies. Rewarding the customers for their patronage and giving green incentives is gaining a lot of popularity around the media planning world. Here’s the idea: make your customer know that they can contribute to the well being of the community and the planet by offering them an eco-friendly incentive. From donating a certain percentage of your profits to an NGO involved environmental stewardship to providing a discount to if they recycle an object, the green incentives can be as easy as that. The main reason for the success of such a marketing campaign is that it gets the consumer involved and gives them a sense of fulfillment and ownership to a good cause.


Magnifying Your Online Presence

It goes without saying that expanding your market online has more environmental benefits than you may think. The most obvious benefit is the no use of paper. So you can send as many newsletters as you want and can Tweet as much as you like without wasting any trees being cut down or fuel consumed. And that’s not all. There are more ways with which you can make your online presence greener. A media planning agency can consider investing in CO2 server if they operate in a technology industry. Such servers are eco-friendly as they take a certain percentage of their energy from natural resources like solar energy or wind hence are much better than using other hosts. There is a special term associated with this step of reducing the use of artificial energy and that is called e-waste.

Final Words

You may notice there isn’t a lot of effort needed for going green, just some effective marketing strategies but the difference it will make will count for a lot. If you set on this path, there will be more eco-friendly ways waiting for you. In the end, the choice is basically yours, whether you want your company to be known as an eco-friendly one or not is entirely up to you but if you decide to go green, there are a lot of green media marketing agencies ready to help you develop strategies.

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Asma Abbass is a professional content writer based in Lahore. She has an aim to do something some day that breaks the modus operandi of her life.

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