Showcase of the World Famous German Christmas Markets

Christmas is one of the most ancient and most celebrated events of the year throughout the world. Just like that with the passage of time it has brought along numerous legends, traditions and customs. Some of these traditions are associated with or originated from a certain country or region where they are practiced the most. For instance, the legend and tradition of decorating a Christmas tree comes from an east European country Latvia, where it started from its capital city Riga thousands of years ago and is still practiced all over the world.

Similar to that, the tradition of Christmas markets was originated from and spread across by Germany and its respective cities. German Christmas markets are the most famous events and are on the top of the places-to-go-in-Christmas-season list. These markets are held right from the end of November till the New Year in almost all big and small cities of Germany with the same zeal and fervor. Chocolates, cookies, ginger bread, hot wine and sausages are the most famous commodities of these Christmas markets. Apart from the edibles, these markets have several stalls of Christmas caps and hats, special German wood toys, decorations and accessories. At theses Christmas markets you can also find traditional Merry-go-rounds, ferrous wheel and other entertaining rides for both children and adults. No matter how low the temperature gets, these Christmas markets are always crowded with people, both German origin and foreigners as well. Even of you don’t plan to visit a Christmas Market and just pass by, the colorful glowing lights and sweet smell of goodies will fill your heart with the spirit of Christmas and celebration.

Owing to the popularity of Christmas markets, CreatiWittyBlog features a Showcase of the World Famous German Christmas Markets so that you get a better idea of what it is all about and next time when you plan a vacation for Christmas, keep these images in mind for your possible travel destinations. Enjoy!














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