10 Most Creative Make Overs of Johnny Depp, the King of Disguise

Hollywood has seen many super stars who make a tremendous mark on the industry as well as the audience with their remarkable performance. Since the time of the very first theatrical performance, costume or disguise has been most consistent with actors and their performance. A great make over not only brings interest for the audience but apart from the performance, make overs are a great source of amusement for the viewers.

Johnny Depp is a world famous Hollywood actor and performer who is specially known for his interesting characters and incredible make overs.In our today’s post, we are featuring 10 Most Creative Make Overs of Johnny Depp, the King of Disguise. I hope you will like this post and share it with your friends.

The Pirates of Caribbean

Johnny Depp

Alice in the Wonderland

Johnny Depp

The Lone Ranger

Johnny Depp

Sweeney Tod

Dark Shadows


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Public Enemies

The Tourist

The Libertine

The Rum Diary



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