10 Pages That Make A Website Most Comprehensive

The difference between a website and a ‘good website’ is that the later one is more comprehensive than the former. A comprehensive website is the one which attracts the visitor, maintains his interest for a suitable time, smoothly navigates him through the pages and provides him with all the information he needs. Apart from other elements of a comprehensive website (like web design, icons, navigation menu and user interface) the list of pages in a website are of utmost importance. In our today’s post, we strive to highlight 10 Pages That Make A Website Most Comprehensive. Although it is not important to have exactly all these pages in your website, however, most of the pages are important for generally all websites. I hope you’ll find this post interesting and will share it with your friends and co-leagues as well.


About page is perhaps the most important section for a website that a blogger must know and a website should have, in fact, this page is the most common reason why pages exist on a website. In a popular view, About page is important as it can let the users know what the purpose of your website is and what they can expect to find here. In short, they can know about the working of your website instead of browsing through and discovering themselves. If you are a blogger like me, you also probably hit the About page the first thing you go to a new blog. Also, the ones who don’t have it don’t really give away a very nice impression.

About Page


It never fails to surprise me why some blogging websites don’t have a ‘contact us’ section on their page or any other way through which a user can contact them. While one can understand why a blogger wouldn’t want to give away his contact information in some cases, there might be a lot of good they are missing out on by not providing their potential followers and subscribers the opportunity to contact them.


Frequently Asked Questions, known commonly as FAQ’s is a page that is a lot of help to not only the blogger but also the users as blogger has made it easy for his users to know all they want about the website and its specifics and the users can have their queries with ready answers from the FAQ section. In this way, you don’t have to answer the questions repeatedly and even if you get more, you can direct readers to this page.

FAQ page

Advertise with Us

You have developed a website for money; why not make the best use of it. You can sell advertising on your page through the ‘advertise with us’ page as that is the tool to attract new advertisers. And if the content on this page is well-written, it’ll help get your message across better.


If you also sell some services, you should provide a clear link for that on your blog and not just a mention somewhere. A dedicated Services Page linked to your blog will help you expand your services in a very beneficial way.


If you want to promote your blog by running an ad campaign, then instead of linking ads on the front page of your blog, it’s wiser that you link them to a dedicated landing page. I used one for my ad campaign a while back and it worked really well. So you can also know that this is coming from experience.

landing page1


There are a lot of users out there who like to read reviews and testimonials given by other users before they make up their mind about their product. So it can be a lot of benefit for you if you have provided testimonials on your page even if you are selling yourself and let the users know what others think of your products or services. In this way, they will have that one last push needed to take a final decision on becoming your follower.

Event Specific

If you are speaking at an event, you can create a separate page for it and mention that you have done so specifically in your presentation. In this way, you can put a specific message on this page that you want to send across to the readers or something about the presentation. Moreover, you can also sell your products here.


Customize your 404 error page in a way that your user can get guidance about where he can go from here or you can also put up something else that might be of interest to him. If there only is an error page for your unlinked or deleted pages, there is a great chance you will lose a user.


Guest Blogger

If you have opened up your blog for guest bloggers, it is a wise practice to build a page where guest bloggers can have the guidance about how to write on your blog. It is with experience that such guest bloggers find this very useful. You get more posts that follow the same format which in turn saves you a lot of time to cut down some posts or to format them yourself.

The Wrap Up

Apart from these, archives page, key information page, subscribe with us page, press page and disclaimer page are also the ones that you can build according to your need. Having separate pages for all the important elements not only gives your website a more professional and mature look but also does all kinds of good to promote your website and bring in business.

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