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A Sneak Peek at Snapheal, the new Photo Editing App for Mac OS

Apart from Adobe Photoshop, which is the most commonly used designing software; there are more than a hundred different applications for Mac about image processing and photo editing. Going with the flow, some application developers from San Francisco, California developed a photo editing application for Mac OS by the name of Snapheal. The makers of Snapheal claim that it is such a useful application that it erases the unwanted objects in your photographs flawlessly. In other words, the redundant objects in the photographs are not only removed, but the place they are removed from doesn’t even let you know where the object originally was.

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The Observation

For a reality check, I decided to download the application and see the magic for myself. So, following are the things that I observed in Snapheal:


The first surprise I got was that Snapheal was offering a discounted price which made its original price of $30 to amazingly cut down to a price of $10. I found it very interesting because in order to get your innovative product tried and recognized, price is the first thing you play upon.


After downloading the app, the second surprisingly pleasant element that hit me was the easy and user-friendly interface and comprehensive navigation. It is neither too complicated as to create confusion and frustration in users, not it is too simple as being unable to catch and retain the user’s attention.

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In my testing spree, I used Snapheal’s different tools and found the following aspects:

Eraser – it erases extra objects and fixes imperfections on your photos faster and better than most photo editing apps. Just select the object to be erased, click a button and it fixes the picture and within seconds. Amazing!

Clone and Stamp – it performs photo improvement by fixing blemishes and does other minor fixes. Although this kind of tool is present in other photo editing software as well, however, Snapheal makes it far easy to use.

Retouch – Image retouching is an integral part of image editing, and Snapheal has made it sure. With this tool you can retouch gamma, saturation, contrast, color temperature; adjust light levels, shadows and highlights as well as sharpen image, reduce noise and more.

Smart Brush – enables you to apply fixes on only some specific parts of photo, keeping the rest of the area untouched.

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Snapheal’s circumference of compatibility spreads across all Mac OS systems. It is even supported by the new Mac Book Pro with Retina display. Also, you can import images from your Aperture and iPhoto albums and edit them in Snapheal. The photos edited through Snapheal can be easily exported to other professional designing software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Aperture and iPhoto.

Social Media

Snapheal is aptly synchronized with famous social mediums. So, you can share your edited masterpiece with your friends on Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter or simply E-mail.

Update and Support

I have seen many applications that fail to support and maintain their product. Snapheal has definitely covered this aspect by providing 24/7/365 efficient support to all its customers. Moreover, once you have downloaded the application, you will automatically get its regular updates.

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Being an honest user and designer myself, I am not here to tell you all the goods only. There are some things I found odd about Snapheal.

  • First of all, it is not at all a professional application. Although some blogs have called it bit equivalent to Photoshop, however, I would call it more of an armature and beginner level application.
  • Secondly, the features and tools are too less for the hype and price. Although, Snapheal’s developers are regularly working on adding more features and tools in it, but for the current scenario it is not working.
  • Thirdly, in Snapheal you can work on one file and one photo at a time. Not being able to work in multiple files in one time is a bit disappointing
  • Last, Snapheal does have a social sharing feature installed, however, when you post your edited photo on social media, it goes out with Snapheal’s tag. This may annoy some users.

To Conclude

To be absolutely honest, when I first read the aforementioned claims by the developers of Snapheal, I did not believe it. I was aware of the fact that you can remove certain elements of photo with the help of Photoshop and other software, but a flawless removal as if the thing did not even exist was not digestible. However now that I have seen and observed the application myself and all the magic it does to your photos within no time, I am very much convinced and would recommend my readers to take a leap as well.

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