Clever Tips for the Designers to Become Good Writers

The term ‘designing’ is synonymous to creativity. Designers are creative professionals for whom effective communication is the basic skill. So either they design or write something, it should be clear to even an ordinary man. Creativity does not require any structured brain bank, it rather just flows through your mind onto the paper and now in techno era it flows on your keyboard through your imaginative boffin.

Although writing, like designing, is a field of creativity, even then designers often cut a sorry figure when it comes to jotting down their ideas. In such circumstances it creates a very complicated situation, because in this competitive professional world, one has to have know-how about some ‘additional’ skills along with his/her field of expertise. Therefore, by the dint of some following tips, I will try to help my designer fellows to become good writers as well.

Stick to the Topic

Keep the topic in mind, constantly, while writing or designing. Dig out all the information related to the topic from the Internet or any other credible source. Line up that information and develop a structure out of it. Remember to turn your mind on only for the information related to the topic and don’t exaggerate the topic to the point where the reader gets bored.

stick to the topic

Messages Should have Hierarchy

Make your point clear step by step. Don’t mix up information as it may happen due to a lot of information about that topic. To avoid mingling of information make points and then arrange them. Write down the important things first. Try to make a link between all objectives. The efficiency of conveying the message depends on the stronger connection between objectives.  Make points in descending order, which will help out the reader to understand your viewpoint. Use fonts that are both readable and stylish. Try to discriminate the important words that help to structure the topic by highlighting, making them bold, italic and underlined or by capitalizing them. Be moderate in choosing the fonts and colors of text. Intensifying the fonts and colors may mess up the reading and understanding of responder.

Matryoshka dolls

Avoid Using Gobbledygook

Try not to use mumbo jumbo words or technical jargon while writing or explaining your point to your writers. Keep in mind that the people to whom you are explaining your project may not be aware of the background of your work. Explain it to them in simple words. Clarify your point in words or slangs (if needed) which they can understand. Think by fitting yourself in their shoe, this way you’ll be able to demonstrate your point proficiently. Don’t use difficult words as people may not be able to get your point, instead use common terminologies that are understandable for everyone.


Illustrate Your Points

A picture is worth thousand words, and this is quite a true point when a designer is trying to communicate through his writing.”Demonstrate your viewpoints by using graphical illustrations for better explanation. It will catch their attention. But then again, be moderate in using diagrams. Explaining with examples will help you a lot to clarify the points.  It will help others to understand your theme. In short, ‘diagrams’ and ‘examples’ will prove to be a wonderful weapon for you and for the spectators.

illustrate your point

Break the Rules on Purpose

It will be better to use universally accepted words in your theme. However, in order to emphasize on something or to create suspense or to make your topic interesting, you may break those rules. If you are gonna break the rules to make your written script cool and if it makes sense then there is no issue in disobeying. For example, I skipped grammatical rules in the above sentence and used slang to clarify my point, still it’s acceptable. So this was my point. I think I made my point clear in this way.



When you start writing set your mind to concentrate just on your topic. Avoid wandering your mind in other thoughts. It will help you to make your point clear to the reader. Make your script interesting by using eye attracting words, diagrams and examples with cool fonts.  By working on your topic with all the above mentioned tips, you may seek a proper place in the world of creativity. To be honest it’s a fun world, and you’ll love to share your experiences about specifics in a creative manner. Always remember that writing is not difficult. Infact, nothing is ever difficult as long as you are creative!

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a writing venturer and Graduate in English Literature, Misbah is an emerging writer and critique. She has started her journey into the virtual world with an aim to teach everyone as how to become a good writer.

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