In the World of Web Designing, Minimal is the New Sexy

Minimalism is born out of excess. Everything in life is started out by adding or deleting whatever we can and want. Sometimes we realize that something is too much and the work can be done even after removing the unnecessary elements, focusing on only what is most important; this process is called minimalism. Minimalism can be called a process or a perspective or a notion, depending on how you are adopting it. In the case of web designing, minimalism means to cut down on all the clutter and useless graphical elements, nevertheless keeping the usability intact and efficient. Following is a detailed look at the matter.

Delving Deeper into the Definition

To explain in simple terms, minimalism means to cut short something to its bare essentials. Take an example of a car, it only needs tires, an engine, gas and a few other things as its critical components of working. As long as these parts are intact, extra things like stereo, upholstery and window glasses can be taken out and the car will still work.

Coming to web design, which is actually our topic, minimalism basically means to create a design on only the basics. Instead of making a complex design and reducing it down to the necessary features, minimalism in web design states that you start a design from a blank slate and work your way through to the top.


Why Minimalism

Modern web design is all about minimalism. The only thing needed to start a project is the brand. By creating a design with only the necessary elements, we come up with something which is the best portrayal of the band’s mission.

Among many benefits of minimalist designing, the first one is that a minimalist design is obvious. For example for a website, there isn’t a lot of coding.

However, you are wrong in thinking minimalism would be an easy job. It requires as much effort and even more creativity as any other complex design as you have to sum up a whole company or a brand, all its features and impression in shortest possible concept.


No Compromising on the Usability

Content is important although some would like to disagree with that. And although content is important, it should be accessible. If you don’t put the consideration of usability in your content, it will be difficult to find by the user.

With latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, we should consider before using any information whether it isn’t counted as over information.


The Looks Can Still Stay Intact

You can still be pretty by adopting minimalism because it doesn’t always ask you to compromise on using the bare essentials. In fact, there are many websites which look amazingly attractive with their subtle design only because there are no unattractive elements present. With subtle visual effects, iconography and good use of color, you can form a remarkable website.

Have a Good Reason to Design Minimally

You need a good understanding of the idea of minimalism before you set out on using it. Know for sure how you like to use it because if you are not clear on the working of minimalism, your design could very well be less than stellar as minimalism is not the use of aesthetic, but the lack of it. Make sure you understand what you need to do before plunging in the pathos of minimalism. If you don’t have the proper direction, you design will be anything but conveying the right information.

A design maybe simple just by the looks of it but there is more to it than an eye can catch. There is another thing that needs to be kept in mind for minimalism. Don’t make your brand or website mysterious as minimalism does not mean that. If you make it arbitrary or confusing, it’ll only look inappropriate rather than attractive.

A confusing or enigmatic design can put off the user as it does not come up to the basic standard of being balanced. And if the user is thrown off, there is the whole point of designing and making an effort going to waste.

A Quick Minimalism Check

If you have doubts whether your design comes up to standards of minimalism, consider the following things.

First, if you don’t have the right reasons to make a minimal design. And second, usability of the website is getting compromised in any way.

But don’t worry. Even these problems can be fixed if you keep the goal of a good visual design always in your mind: it should communicate the message clearly and effectively.

Summing Up

Minimal means to exercise restraint. Its eventual goal is to get the work done quickly and makes the concept look easy yet fully explanatory for the user. Minimalism requires three things: subject, usability and balance. Minimalism is the style where ambiguity should be avoided for users’ sake and more focus should be given to usability. Your goal is to attract a user to your site, do it in a way that doesn’t make your website mysterious just because you want it to have fewer elements. Minimalism has certain goals that you need to keep in mind before getting on with it. There should be enhanced readability, an improved navigation and usability and aim for creating the most pleasant and user-friendly website.

Article written by:

Asma Abbass is a professional content writer based in Lahore. She has an aim to do something some day that breaks the modus operandi of her life.

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