What a Wonderful World #12, Wonders of the Winged World

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The world is a complex system of many wonders. We see the natural masterpieces almost everyday in almost every thing around us. And the most interesting fact is that these things never cease to amaze us. In our exciting series What a Wonderful World, we present a collection of masterpieces from the different small worlds around us. In our today’s post Wonders of the Winged World, we pay tribute to the wonderful world of birds around us. We see different kinds of birds with different colors, shapes and chirps. However, the ones who have been made the most magnificent by Mother Nature always succeed in catching our attention to an extent that sometimes you just want to keep looking at them forever. Here are 10 most beautiful and wonderful birds of all times. Please share this post with your friends and let them have a taste of this wonder as well.

Bird of Paradise

Crowned Crane


King Fisher

Macaws Parrots

Mandarin Duck


Atlantic Puffin

Red Cardinal

White Swan

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2 Comments to What a Wonderful World #12, Wonders of the Winged World

  1. These are really amazing pictures. So beautiful birds chosen for this post. Pictures are very high quality too. I really like these birds and of course this post.

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