What a Wonderful World#11, Wonders of the Microscopic World

We are all aware of microorganism because we have heard some names like bacteria, virus and definitely we have bad image about them. People normally scare us with their names but the photos I have included in today’s post will reveal their beauty. It is vast world of breathtaking creatures that are perhaps beautiful than many other creatures we can see with naked eyes. In a continuous order of inspiring you through our famous series of wonderful world we are offering some classic photos of microscopic world. It features different not only common names that you but rather more complex and new names. Each of the photo depicts a new organism that you cannot see with naked eye but when camera captures it, it does it splendidly.


Brain Neurons

Chicken’s Embryo

Influenza Crystals

Onion Cells

Hair Strand


Mouse Embryo

Plant Vascular Bundles

Pollen Grain

Rat Cerebellum

Red Blood Cells

Sea Angles

Single Celled Coccolithophores


Sperms on a Female Egg

Stem Cells

Volvox Algae

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