New Photoshop CS6 Tutorials with Most Useful Photo Effects

As the New Year 2013 has turned up, most latest Photoshop tutorials have become the need of the hour. It seems there is a lot of Photoshop stuff going to be done this year. Thanks to innovative and more intuitive CS6 that is making quite ripples in designing world. So, in order to keep offering our readers the dose of latest Photoshop tutorials that is perfect in terms of usage and detailed for learning. In our today’s post, we are featuring  New Photoshop CS7 Tutorials with Most Useful Photo Effects, which have been created most recently from top-notch graphic designers. Have a look and do let us know if you like the effort.

Emotional, Molten, Shattered Statue in Photoshop

Create an Awesome Splashing Sneaker in Photoshop

Create a Raw Horror Movie Poster Design in Photoshop

Create an Epic Portal Scene in Photoshop

Paint a Multilayered Surreal Portrait in Photoshop

Create a Magazine Mockup Using InDesign and Photoshop

Create Surreal Photo Manipulation of a Dancer in Photoshop

Create Mortal Kombat’s “Liu Kang” in Photoshop

Man of Steel Symbol in Illustrator and Photoshop

Draw a Camcorder Icon From Scratch in Photoshop

Create a Digital Collage from hand-drawn Elements

Create A Glowing Superhero Effect in Photoshop

Create a Unique Stone and Fire Text Effect in Photoshop

Create a Knitted Argyle Text Effect Using Photoshop

Design a One-Winged Fallen Angel Scene in Photoshop

Eroded Fashion Portrait in Photoshop

Create Sci-Fi Floating Superhero Scene in Photoshop

3D Pop Up Effect In Photoshop

Create an Emotional Dreamscape Digital Photo Manipulation

Create a “Two-Faced” Digital Painting in Photoshop

Design Amazing Mosaic Effect in Photoshop

Create a Gingerbread Cookie Scene Using Smart Objects

Paint a Furry Cartoon Character in Photoshop

Transform Normal Portrait Image into Artistic Painting in Photoshop

Create Biologically Viable Alien Concept Art in Photoshop

Create a Cosmic Abstract Shards Poster Design

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