Never Told Before, iPhone App Icon Designing Tips

If you want to be successful on the iPhone app store platform, the icon of your app will have to be a real catchy one, and for that app icon designing tips can help you a lot. App Store has thousands of applications and it is all crowded. If anyone wants to elbow in, he will have to embrace the fact that he will have to pay a lot of attention on excelling the art of icon design. But not to worry as our article today will let you know about the important do’s and don’ts of app icon design. You don’t have to be an iPhone geek to work on these tips as the universal principles of icon design is same for Apple as well.

iPhone App Icon Designing Tips

1. Refrain From Using Words

An icon is basically a graphical representation of a concept, a word or an object whereas words are an abstraction of a concept or an object. Mixing these two representational tools will mean that you will be making your message cluttered and harder to understand.

First off, your app will be featured with the name so it’s better that you don’t use words in the icon. If you feel like using words in your icon, it means that you are not employing the tool of abstraction at its best. There is definitely a better way of visualizing words than simply putting them dry up on the icon.

app icon desinging tips

2. Say No to Standard Gloss

While submitting an icon to Apple, it gives you an option to add gloss to your icon so that it can get a standard glossy look that is a typical of Apple. It is suggested that you refrain from taking that option as not every Apple icon has that gloss anyway and you should better be able to control the gloss level of your icon.

3. Simplicity is the Best Practice

To keep the motif simple and to the point is the most important rule you need to remember while designing the logo. You have to bring your concept down to a simple plane and to confine it in a space of 57 by 57 pixels. You have to find one thing that you want you’re app to be represented with and that’s going to be the main idea. If you don’t plan on showcasing a single object in your icon, make sure all the ones you use are clear and are not cluttered.

app icon desinging tips

4. Simple Yet Detailed

Simple does not mean plain looking. If you want your icon to come out as something to remember, design it without holding any prisoners. Details that perhaps only you will notice, highlights, reflection, gradients, reflection; you have a whole lot of things you can put detail in to come out with that one masterpiece icon. As this is the first thing that your customers will be noticing about your product, you have to work to make your impression long-lasting right at this step.

app icon desinging tips

5. Stay Consistent

An icon and the app itself are two different things when it comes to design and their working. According to our experience, it will give your app a much better look overall if your icon is consistent with the app and the two are not too dissimilar. Your icon should be such that creates anticipation as to know your app better, in a way; an icon is your pitch and it will all reinforce when the application is well designed.

6. An Icon That Stands Out

When a customer is scrolling down the long lists of apps, he will stop on your app only if the icon catches his attention and what’s more, even if it’s not something he was basically looking for and he stops at your app, this is probably the biggest achievement you will make. All of your efforts and labor will reap fruit if he app manages to shine and convinces the user that this is the app he has got to have in his phone. Do research as much as you need and come up with something that is totally new. I know this is going to be a big challenge but you can only achieve that if you put your blood and sweat in it. Go from standard to unique – that’s all what you need.

The Wrap Up

As I write this, there are more than 70,000 apps available in the app store, just so you know what you are competing against. These app icon designing tips can help you much. So unless your app is such that stands out from the rest, you don’t much stand a chance. It is only the design process that will require a lot of efforts and after that you will be reaping the benefits. If you think this is too daunting and you might not get the required result, you should hire the services of a professional developer. If you are putting your finances in its way, it will definitely be a good investment and anyway, it is not much expensive. It’s going to be money well spent. On the other hand, if you want to design the app yourself, there are a lot of resources and people ready to help you. Good luck!

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