StumbleUpon, A Powerful Social Medium & Its Benefits

It is common knowledge that social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit are best used for search engine optimization purposes. That is because such sites are considered good for creating backlinks to the content of your blog. We are focusing our post today towards one of these sites: StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon is a unique social bookmarking website that allows you to have an inundation of traffic and referrals to your own website or blog, that too absolutely free.

Many users of StumbleUpon come to the conclusion that if you are only thumbing up and down your own blog, it won’t do much good. In such a case, people either stop using StumbleUpon or resort to more convenient ways like hiring a virtual assistant to do the work of social bookmarking for them. Nowadays, StumbleUpon is a major medium in marketing strategies of word renowned businesses. Therefore, giving up on such a vital social medium would not be a wise decision. StumbleUpon needs some strategies and etiquette in order for it to be effective for your web business. Here is a good article on StumbleUpon Tips you can benefit from.

Internet users are of the view that StumbleUpon is losing its cool because of the competitor sites like Reddit and Digg. If you ask me, it’s not so. It has a strong algorithm and it delivers what it promises and is a strong tool to help a user discover the web. Mentioned below are four major reasons why you should start/continue using StumbleUpon.

Get the Best of Web

If you want to know where to go to find relevant information with all the so many Web 2.0 and these blogs sites out there, StumbleUpon is the answer. The site will recommend to you as much user-voted relevant sites as much you use it. You can do it simply by adding a StumbleUpon toolbar to your browser and liking or disliking the sites you like with the thumbs up and thumbs down button.

And while it is not compulsory that you like or dislike every site, the more you do it, the more StumbleUpon will know what you like and what not. Once this is done you are ready to stumble upon the sites that are recommended you based on your likings. For more targeted stumbling, there is also an option of browsing by category.


Find Some Really Interesting People

Once you find a website that you like, you can see who submitted it and also who liked it. You can then visit their profiles where there’s a chance you can find more good websites. This is social networking of the sorts where you connect to people having same opinions as yours. This can also work in a way that if you have submitted something, you can follow the people who liked it and find interesting stuff of their own. It may seem quite absurd until you actually start stumbling upon interesting stuff and profiles.


Advantageous to Advertising

You can even use StumbleUpon to drive traffic to your website. In fact, StumbleUpon welcomes advertisements. You can do so by 5 cents apiece, and to the URL and category of your choice. The site reviews whether the category of the advertisement meets the content of the site and if it is approved, you can then insert anything you want for the stumblers to view. This is will directly proportional to the thumbs up you receive.

This feature works more effectively if you are attracting users to your site because you have good content. And if you only want the users to land on a leading page or sell them something, you have more chances to receiving thumbs down.

And if you are thinking that 5 cents are too less a price for an advertisement to be true, it has a reason. Because many people are here for browsing only so StumbleUpon has a high bounce rate hence the fewer prices.


Bring Organic Traffic to Your Site

StumbleUpon works like Twitter ReTweet. Like I said earlier, it works in a way which is directly proportional to the content you stumble. The more you do the more subscribers you will gain. Twitter allows you to automate what you want to follow. It is not so with stumbling. Here you have to manually start following and begin interactions. And that is what social media relationships really mean, don’t it!

There’s another feature; StumbleUpon requires you to promote other websites more than your own like Twitter does. However, if the content on your blog is useful and you have created the right kind of relationships, the traffic you will get back on your website will also be huge as you have then created sort of a ‘StumbleUpon Channel’ for the potential users. There are actually cases where websites have got 100,000+ traffic from StumbleUpon alone.


The Wrap Up…

When you will start using StumbleUpon, it will take you two or three months to get a perfect hang of it but once you do, you will also actually see the benefits reaping from it. It is recommended that you use a blog post that is of value and which make a user want to see what you have on the rest of your website. The social bookmarking site offers you to discover a whole world of interesting content on the web which you can have difficulty landing upon on your own. Moreover, it works wonders in bringing your desired traffic to your blog. The only thing it requires of you is consistency and patience.

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Asma Abbass is a professional content writer based in Lahore. She has an aim to do something some day that breaks the modus operandi of her life.

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  2. Maegan Anderson

    Hi Asma,

    I do agree with this, “StumbleUpon needs some strategies and etiquette in order for it to be effective for your web business.” Thanks also for the tips. We use StumbleUpon for a couple of years and it is really effective in delivering targeted traffic. Right approach is the key.

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