What a Wonderful World #13, Wonders of the Skyscraper World

Since the advent of industrialization, building skyscrapers has been consistent throughout the developed and developing world. Although making gigantic buildings has been practiced by some major ancient civilizations as well, like the Pyramids in Egypt and Mexico, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Great Wall of China, and the Greek Pantheon etc. However, the actual ‘skyscrapers’ started rising on the face of the earth when the human civilization started expanding and developing industries, factories, businesses and automobiles. These skyscrapers not only depict the acme of architectural skillfulness and technological efficiency, but are also a mean of silently telling the world about your nation’s grandeur and magnificence. The many skyscrapers in a city, the more it will be a depiction of its development and progress.

Continuing with our wondrous series, What a Wonderful World, today we are featuring, Wonders of the Skyscraper World. A showcase of world’s largest and tallest buildings in different famous cities of the world, each of them an architectural feat in itself. Take a look and do not forget to share it with your friends through social media.

Burj Dubai, UAE

wonderful world

Freedom Tower, New York

Shanghai Financial Center, China

wonderful world

Taipei, Taiwan

Petronas Towers, Malaysia

Jin Mao Tower, China

International Finance Center, Hong Kong

wonderful world

Empire State Building, New York

Burj Al Dubai, Dubai

Sears Tower, Chicago

wonderful world

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