Breathtaking Conceptual Illustrations of Keith Thompson

Since the time I got some know-how about design, I have been a great fan of illustrations. Either they are digital or manual, illustrations are a great form of art and a wonderful way of expression. Interestingly illustrations are used in so many fields in today’s world that one can hardly imagine of some medium which does not or has not used illustrations, both on the whole project or just as a part. My love for illustrations quite obviously traces down to the brilliant illustrators that make wonders with their art. One such artist I recently discovered is Keith Thompson.

Keith Thompson is an international freelance artist who makes magnificent conceptual as well as character illustrations in the most amazing ways possible. His illustrations are used in books, magazines, films, television and most interestingly, in video games. In our today’s post, we are featuring some Breathtaking Conceptual Illustrations of Keith Thompson. These art images have been taken from his website keiththompsonart and comprise of some of his masterpieces. These are not just random sketches, because each illustration has a concept and complete story behind it. So enjoy this post while praising the talent of this artist and as a token of appreciation leave comments and share this post with your friends.



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