CWB Features Stunning Illustrations by Kai Ortmann

CreatiWittyBlog is always on the look out for talented individuals of the design industry. One such unsung hero of the art world is a talented young illustration artist from Germany. So, today we are featuring stunning illustrations by Kai Ortmann.

Kai started as an armature artist who used to sketch or draw occasionally, but had no clue that one day this will become his passion. Although he had already engaged himself in digital art from quite a young age; however, it wasn’t until only a few years ago that Kai discovered that these random strokes on paper are his actual talent. For every creative individual, as soon as they discover their true passion, they start to repent the time wasted before. Kai is of the similar views and says,

I now wish I had started painting earlier (like 10 years ago) because it feels like I still have so much to catch up on.

In today’s world, creativity is a unique talent and creative individuals are as rare as fairies and unicorns. Therefore when the people around you see your talents they try to make a use of it. Kai never thought that his favorite hobby could make him some bucks as well until people started hiring his services. He speaks about his dilemma as,

I am at the crossroads of making a decision about my career as a professional illustrator. I’m sure I can make a living out of it if I would give it all the energy, but I also have academic obligations to fulfill. So yeah, the big question now is to keep it as a hobby or turn it into a profession? and I haven’t answered that yet.

Creativity According to Kai Ortmann

We are always interested in knowing what most creative individuals have to say about creativity. So we asked Kai about his views about creativity he started by categorizing it into two types. One he says is ‘everyday creativity’ which he practices though talking, and a lot of talking. He is of the view that most of this talk is just nonsense and his friends often complain about him being a chatter-box all the time, however, every now and then there’s a little nugget, an idea that’s unique or at least interesting.

Most of my ‘everyday creativity’ comes from me when I just try to be funny and make other people laugh

According to Kai’s categorization, the second kind of creativity comes in when he is making his illustrations. He says that when he conceives the idea of a painting, it comes to him not at words or symbols, but rather as a whole picture or icon of what he would draw and how would it look like. These iconic occurrences, according to Kai, come in as a flash of lightening with a very small life span, and once they disappear from his mind then no matter how hard he tries, they don;t make a second appearance. Also, to Kai these revelations happen at most unusual times and situations, except for when he sits down and wants to think about them specifically.

About the idea realization stage he says,

I’m almost never able to put my conceived ideas to the paper exactly as how I want them to be. I guess I’m not good enough yet, and I really envy people who can do this. On the other hand, I don’t know if you can even achieve this at all, or even have to achieve this to be a good artist.

Kai adds that the most creative things are not the ideas that he has before he starts painting, but the ideas he develop while painting. So in most cases, he relies on experiment, which he says, can be done really easily in digital media. For this practice, Kai refers to a technique by Bob Ross (who has been his ideal since his childhood), called this phenomenon “happy accidents” and this technique has helped him in making many positive things.

Talking about his experience with digital media for making his stunning illustrations, he says that according to a book he once read, there are two kinds of talents. The first kind of talent is the ability to do something well. This is a gift that you either have or not, however, the second kind of talent is if you have fun doing it. He relates this analog to himself by saying that he was never was really good at painting and illustrations until he discovered the medium of digital painting and the freedom one gets from it, and this brings a lot of fun for him. He adds,

if you are bad at painting but really love doing it, keep trying, because you will ultimately get better

However, for Kai, the only thing that can make him lose the fun of painting is when his brain recognizes it as “work”. He admits that in most cases he can force myself to continue, but the result probably isn’t as good as it could have been if he was more motivated.

Kai Ortmann Stunning Illustrations

Following are some of the magnificent and stunning illustrations and character sketches by Kai Ortmann. You can take a detailed look at them from KaiOrtmann website.





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