Desktop Wallpapers, A Depiction of Your Personality

We use desktop wallpapers on our computer’s desktop and on our mobile and tablet screens. The Internet is inundated with all sorts and sizes of wallpapers. Good wallpapers, bad wallpapers, dull wallpapers, colorful wallpapers, ultra hd wallpapers, low resolution wallpapers … and the list goes on. All you have to do is to type the word ‘wallpaper’ in the search bar and your search engine will give you hundreds and sometimes thousands of varieties. But do you know that a wallpaper on your PC, laptop or tablet is a depiction of your personality?

Desktop wallpapers may seem like quite an insignificant thing you come across on daily basis, but a wallpaper displayed on your desktop portrays your mood, your thinking and most importantly your personality. Either it’s your home computer, your office computer or your digital mobile device; wallpapers give your personality’s impression on the on-looker. Whenever I get to see a gloomy or dark wallpaper on someone’s desktop, I readily get to know that this person is not having a good time. Similarly, a fresh and colorful wallpaper tells that the owner of this device is happy and enjoying what life has to offer. Apart from mood and feeling depictions, desktop wallpapers also give out much information about one’s affiliations and favorites and different fields of life. People put up desktop wallpapers of their favorite political party, football team or baseball player. Likewise some people display wallpapers of some celebrity, actor, politician or a performer whom they admire or are a big fan of.

However the biggest turn-off relating to wallpapers is that there is hardly been any time that I click on to a wallpaper website and find actually nice wallpapers that are good in quality and resolution and fit on my screen as well. Except for a few websites like Wallpaperfx, Interfacelift and DeviantArt, there is hardly any website that offers free and high quality wallpapers. On such websites you can find the good number of categories and sub-categories and an ample assortment of wallpapers with in those categories. These categories are not only divided on the basis of types of wallpapers but you can check wallpapers on the basis on popularity and number of times any wallpaper has been downloaded.

You just got back from cinema watching an interesting movie that became your favorite, take a visit on Wallpaperfx or any of the other free and quality wallpaper website and you’ll find its wallpaper there. However, no matter how much I write, it will never convince you enough until you go and take a look at the stuff there yourself. But wait! This post would be incomplete if it won’t feature some of the best wallpapers.

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