Flat Web Design Inspiration, 35 Terrific Examples

Since the advent of the World Wide Web, web designing has taken many turns. Apart from some minor  advancements lately, flat web design is the most latest and probably the most famous web design trend now a days. Therefore, keeping up with the trend, in today’s post we feature Flat Web Design Inspiration, 35 Wonderful Examples for our web designer fellows.

Like the emerging trends in all other design departments, flat web design is highly inspired by minimalism. These type of web designs are made using bright colors and unique typography styles. The main aspect of websites with a flat design is that (as the name says) there is very little or no space for clutter and the flat web elements successfully attract the attention of the visitors because of their simplicity and neatness. Previously, web and UI designers used to put a a lot of attention on showing off their designing skills by cluttering the sites with flashy illustrations, funky icons and animations that they considered to impress their visitors, and it did. But as the design industry advanced, much emphasis started to be given on clean and minimal designs, and this is how flat web designs came in.

Now I can go on and on describing what is flat design or flat web design, however, our today’s post is about the stunning websites that have been developed on this new web design trend and which certainly look appealing. Our web designer friends can take much inspiration from this special and latest collection of web designs made by different web designers and share it with friends and colleagues as well.

Friends of the Web

flat web design


Crafting Type



Build 2012

Profound Grid

flat web design


Mark Simonson

William Leeks

The Ecology Center


flat web design



 It’s a Shape Christmas


Happy Studio

Coloured Lines

Bob Galmarini


Lorenzo Verzini



United Pixelworkers


Alan Horne


The Gently Mad




Supereight Studio

Build 2012


Future Insights Live

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