Photoshop Light Streaks Photo Effect Tutorial, Easy & Useful

CreatiWittyBlog tries to bring a variety of quality content for its readers in many ways and posting useful Photoshop tutorials is one such way. So for today, our readers will be glad to see our special Photoshop Light Streaks Photo Effect Tutorial, Easy & Useful. Adding light streaks to a design or image is the kind of photo effect that often becomes helpful in creating energetic and vibrant designs. Especially in the case of poster designing and advertisement designing, light streaks effect (where applied) can create a magical look for the design. This light streaks photo effect tutorial is based on some small and easy steps with which you can easily achieve light streaks photo effect and apply it to any design endeavor.

Step 1:

Create a New file in Photoshop. Download an image of a woman or any other kind of human element you want to use. I have taken this image from StockFreeImages.

Step 2:

Crop the image and so that it can be used on other backgrounds.

Step 3:

Using the Pen Tool, draw a swirl abound the image of woman. If you don’t have much experience of using the Pen Tool, check out this helpful tutorial.

Step 4:

Now is the step to set the brush. Press F5 and go to Brush Presets (you can also go to Brush Presents through top bar of Brush tool). In Brush Presets, select Brush#40 as Brush Tip Shape and reduce the Spacing to 1%. Now go to Shape Dynamics and change the Control to Pen Pressure. Select Off for rest of the values. Once this is done, come back to the file and in the Layers panel go to Path tab, with top right button’s drop down menu Save Path as Light Streak. Right click on the saved path and with Brush Tool already selected and White as color, click on Stroke Path. This will open a Stroke Path dialogue box on which check Stimulate Pressure. The result will look like the following image in which you clearly have your both end tapered brush stroke.

Step 5:

With brush stroke layer selected, go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and blur it as much as it suits your result. I have chosen 40 as blur value.

Step 6:

To add colors to our light streaks photo effect tutorial, change the color of the background to some vibrant but dark color. I have chosen #521414. Also with the light streak layer selected, go to Layers Style and give the streak an Outer Glow with color #f5be7e with Opacity 100%. Also, with the help of Eraser tool, remove the streak over the face, and some parts of the legs of the image used to give an effect as if the streak is swirling around the image. Add a Gradient in the background of the image, with color as #fefefe and its shape Radial.

Step 7:

Add two more gradients, one in the lower right corner of the image with color #5a477d and the other at the upper right corner with color #a57b3f and reduce the Opacity of all three gradients to 50%.

Step 8:

Refine it a bit by adding some glitter to enhance the glow of light streak and here you have your light streak photo effect completed!

You can download complete PSD of this tutorial for further convinience. Share your experience of creating this effect with this  light streaks photo effect tutorial and do not forget to share it with your friends and colleagues.

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Arfa Mirza is a writer and a bumped-into-photoshop designer. She is a regular contributor at Hongkiat from last three years. CreatiWittyBlog is her own blog through which she gives her offerings to the goddess of creativity. And when she is not doing any of that, she is baking the most heavenly cakes in the world.

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