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For many online businesses, Amazon is a goldmine in order to easily sell and market their wares. With their extensive search system, it is easy to reach a great number of potential customers. With as many businesses as there are on Amazon, however, there is that much more competition, and in order to compete successfully, you must realize exactly how to utilize the eCommerce marketplace on Amazon and get the most out of it. There are many tools available for sellers on Amazon, and some of them are much more necessary than others, especially for small sellers that are starting out. The following article will describe ecommerce tools on Amazon that would help you in many ways.


Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Marketplace is a great tool, especially for smaller sellers. Within the Marketplace, you can offer your goods at a fixed price for buyers to add to their cart and immediately purchase. While listing your items, it is good to look at your competition and price your wares accordingly. The lower your prices and shipping are, the more likely you are to be competitive and make sales much faster. Within the Amazon Marketplace, consider free shipping in order to boost your sales. This often attracts buyers, especially if you are within the top five lowest prices listed within the Marketplace.

Amazon Auctions and zShops

Another important aspect of Amazon eCommerce are the Amazon Auctions, which is actually a subdivision of the Amazon Marketplace. Just as it sounds, within Amazon Auctions, you put your items up for auction and potential buyers bid on it until one of them is the winner. While potentially, bidding wars can happen and your items can fetch a much higher than normal price, there is always the risk of your items not bringing the price that you hoped for, and not giving you enough profit. Amazon Auctions is the riskiest option of Amazon’s eCommerce opportunities, especially for newer, unproven sellers. Amazon zShops, comparatively, features only goods at fixed prices, unlike the Marketplace, which has both fixed and auction based items. If there is an item you are selling that is also listed on the main webpage, then your items are displayed next to it, which is where the wide array of available prices comes into play.

Amazon Advantage

Amazon Advantage is yet another potential eCommerce channel through Amazon. Within Amazon Advantage, you can actually sell new books, movies, and other products directly through Amazon’s warehouse. Amazon acts as a third party, and handles the entire processing and shipment of the transaction for you, which makes it so you do not have to have any of the items actually within your own home.

In all of the programs listed here, Amazon takes a portion of the sales that you make. In the case of Marketplace, Auctions, and zShops, Amazon can take anywhere from 10 to 15 percent of the final price, as well as charge subscription and listing fees on top of that percentage. Amazon Advantage takes 55 percent commission on each sale, so your own profit margins are much lower. Depending on what sort of business you are wanting to run, however, the more hands-off approach of Amazon Advantage may be the eCommerce solution for you.

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