When Life Gives You Lemons, Start a Blog!

Since I was a child, I have always been fancied by the famous proverb ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’. However, I never really got the true meaning of it, until I grew up and my life actually started giving me lemons. I don’t think that there is any single person who ever lived in this world did not receive lemons from life. No matter how lucky you are, life has its ways to test you. But the real spirit of life is to accept it with an open heart and find suitable solutions to cope with its challenges.

Although there are more than one way to elbow your way out of troubles and problems, however, in today’s post I will recommend an interesting way to cope with some of the most common challenges of life. Especially in this era of Internet and technology expansion, there can be multiple solutions to invest your energies in something useful. Being a blogger and being married to a blogger, I think that starting up a blog can be quite a suitable solution for some of the most common ‘lemons’ of life that come your way. There are many ways with which you can learn as how to start a blog, however, read the rest of the writing to know which problems can be solved once you start a blog.

Different Types of Lemons that can be Squeezed Once You Start A Blog

Lost Job

It was only a few years ago that the era of global economic recession cause hundreds and millions of professionals to looser their jobs. Recession or no recession, job loss is the kind of lemon that life can give you any time. Also, once you lose you get laid off for any reason whatsoever; it takes quite some time to find another one which would suite your requirements, and this can make some people really frustrated.

In such a case, you can start a blog which does not require many resources and can keep you positively busy as well. This blog can be of any subject or theme which you find as your area of expertise. You can continue your job search all the while and once you do nail a good job, you can continue to work on the blog whenever you find time.


New Place

A friend of mine moved to a new country where language and cultural differences was a great barrier between him and a good social life. For him this was a big juicy lemon from life. However, upon my suggestion, he started a blog on a subject he was most passionate about and found himself much productive and contended. With passage of time his social life in the new place gradually improved and by the dint of running a blog that kept him busy through worst days, he didn’t feel alienated. Similarly, if you have moved to a new neighborhood and didn’t have much luck in making new friends, start a blog. You never know, maybe the blog turns out to be a subject of mutual interest between you and a new friend.

Professional Restrains

When your profession binds you not to follow your heart, a personal blog can be your knight in a shinny armor. This is mostly the case with creative individuals, writers and designers; that they want to practice something out of the box but either their client or the boss restrains them to do so. If this happens quite often, one can find himself in loss of interest and a total burn-out. So in this case your personal blog can be your honeymoon island, a ventilator where you can work on anything and everything without having to worry about any professional restrictions.


Unfulfilled Passion

When we are young and free we develop passions and hobbies. But then we grow up and engage ourselves in a constant struggle to excel from our peer and do best in life and our passion goes down the drain. It is totally understandable that pursuing your hobby or passion can take much time and resources, but blogging about it can be a good option. For instance, you love photography and you have a flare for it, but your domestic and professional responsibilities keep you from engaging in this time-taking passion, then having a blog on photography can keep your flame burning. This way you will never get bored of practical life’s monotonous and contribute to the society by sharing your skills as well.

Bottled Up

For some people, life has a different way of giving lemons (and sometime even lime). I am talking about the ones who find it really difficult to strike up a conversation or talk to other people about their feelings and opinion. Such people develop a keen sense of analyzing things through observation and information gathering, but they don’t have any platform of group of people to share this knowledge with. I would suggest such kind of individuals to consider starting a blog. A blog can be a great way of communicating with people about your knowledge and opinion without having to face them directly.

I know some people who read newspapers, watch current affair shows on TV and then analyze the information into an excellent observation and share these observations on their blog through which many people benefit. So if you have a platform to share your feelings and opinion, you don’t have to be so bottled up all the time.



Life can be really harsh some times and I think it has all the reasons to be so. If there won’t be lemons in life, then it would be quite bland and savorless. Bu the real adventure starts when you learn to cope with these lemons, and turn obstacles into opportunities. Having your own voice through a blog can be this opportunity for you to make the most of life and not letting the challenges nail you down. Live life, start a blog!

Article written by:

Arfa Mirza is a writer and a bumped-into-photoshop designer. She is a regular contributor at Hongkiat from last three years. CreatiWittyBlog is her own blog through which she gives her offerings to the goddess of creativity. And when she is not doing any of that, she is baking the most heavenly cakes in the world.

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