Witty Typography Posters, the LOL of Graphic Designing

Typography is one of the most interesting as well as the most widely used element in graphic designing. And if you add the aspect of fun and wit in it, then witty typography posters are born. So in today’s post we feature Witty Typography Posters, the LOL of Graphic Designing, to give you a minute to smile about your profession.

Graphic designers all over the world have always been obsessed with typography. The word typeface or typography is frequently misunderstood with term font or used as a synonym. Before the arrival of digital typography and desktop publishing in the world of graphic designing the two terms had a more clearly understood meaning. Graphic designers and digital artists create, modify and sometimes mix and match different type faces and typographic styles to develop wonderful designs. Typography posters are one result of such designs created by mixing different fonts and typographic styles in different patterns. However, in order to add crisp to typography posters, some clever designers make witty statements on these posters. So in today’s post we present an interesting compilation of witty typography posters developed by different designers. You can take inspiration from these typography posters as well as some moments of fun or take a print of one of these and hang it in your room or workplace. You can also chose many other typographic styles and develop your own posters with your own witty statements.

witty typography posters

witty typography posters

witty typography posters

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