DIY Ideas of Building Perfect Poker Tables

Playing poker has become a well liked pastime for many people. Today, more people play the game at online casinos at places such as JackpotCity given the convenience as well as the ease of access. So into the game are some people that they will even choose to have a poker room within their home. One of the essential items in any poker room, of course, is the poker table. While some people will purchase poker tables, others chose to design their own. Prior to building one, a design much be created. Computerized programs like Photoshop can make it easy to create a 3D prototype of a poker table.

While some may be well versed in how to create 3D images within Photoshop, others just don’t know how to do this. Fortunately, the internet provides numerous tutorials to help accomplish the task. Some tutorials are simply technical directions. They list out steps in sequential order. They may also include some illustrations to provide a visual for each step. However, some may not. Another type of tutorial will provide video showing the steps along with a verbal explanation. All of the tutorial types are effective, it simply amount to which method is preferred.

When creating a 3D poker table in Photoshop, the program begins by having users create a two dimensional image first. The program provides shapes that can be created and then tweaked. Also, a paint and pencil tool may be used to simply outline the shape of the poker table. The tutorials provides for Photoshop can show how to create these shapes easily. Photoshop then has some tools that can add layers to the basic outline of the poker table to then make it into a three dimensional image. Again, Photoshop tutorials can make this easy to achieve. Design tools can be then used to spruce up the design.

However, in this post we will not be showing how to create 3D poker table in photoshop but we will be listing out various resources that can help you build your own poker table and with some skill and tools you might be able to do it from your home.

Ballard’s poker table



DIY Network poker table

Master Jeo’s poker table

New England Poker League

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