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In this world of cut-throat competition, time and money is almost everything for the success of a business. Same formula applies to business of designing. You product quality work but you fail to do so quickly can make you lag behind your competitors. Similarly if you produce excellent designs but ask more money for it than the people competing with you, then its equally as bad. Therefore being quick and being affordable is the name of the game in graphic and web design business. If you hire more people in order to produce work on short notices then it adds much to the cost and you get paid in peanuts by the end of the day. If you try to save cost and do everything yourself then it makes you miss deadlines and you cut a sorry figure in front of the client. However, there is one solution that can make you save much time and much more money i.e. freebies.

Free vectors, templates and stock photos can make your work easier than ever before. They are found on the Internet in a wide variety and all types of qualities required for certain designs. No matter you are working for web, print design, graphic design or any other kind of design, freebies can help you make your work far easier, cheaper and quicker. But, the problem most designers feel nowadays is that there are so many freebies and freebies providing websites that it becomes quite difficult to find the right one. Of course you can Google free vectors or free stock photography, but to find a specific one, you wish to have a specialized search engine that would give you just the right result you want out of a search engine.

In this case Freepik is a personal recommendation from a number of designers. It is a special kind of search engine specifically designed to give you just the kind of results you want. Freepik tracks and locate in more than 200 webs the best free resources, so all you have to do is make a simple search and you will find what you need from 1,4 million free vectors, images and PSDs. For example, let’s talk about summer. Even if we are on our working place right now, I’m sure we are all thinking about friends, sun, beach, parties, summer romances… In Freepik you have more than 1100 free vectors about summer, and more than 11000 photos! If you need a resource about it, is clear that you’ll find it.

Enjoy these summer vectors and stock photography from Freepik:







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