OLX Free Classified Shopping App for Android

Gone are the days when you have to think, plan, and arrange to quench your thirst of shopping. Today is the time of doing all of this through your latest gadgets especially mobile. I have been a great fan of online shopping and therefore, I always keep a close eye on the shopping apps. Today I have managed to highlight the best available shopping app for android only. Since, android is on rise and by far loved by all developers and users, so it make sense to highlight only Android based shopping apps for now, perhaps we will release another such list after Apple releases its new iPhone today, in order to impress their unfaithful and decreasing number of users. I am sure you would not mind giving this awesome app a try and please do let us know how did you find it.

OLX Shopping App

Finding what you are looking for has become really easy with OLX for Android app. It has become even easier to use this service from a mobile phone than from a desktop PC. Following proves to be among some of the numerous advantages of using app.

  • Click on the picture of the product you wish to sell from the app
  • Include a brief summary of its features
  • Estimate the price you want to charge for the product
  • Provide your contact information
  • … and you are ready to go!


Key features to Look For

You might like to know the key features of OLX app. Following features are few that makes the app stands out.

  • In order to post an ad to sell your product or service, simply click on the picture and it will be instantly posted
  • Search and browse products around you by using the location of your phone
  • Use Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and your email to share your ads with everyone

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