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Web design is one of the most competitive businesses in the world. Dozens of agencies pop-up each day fighting for exposure, new clients and in search of the best platforms and features to manage their projects. The mantra here is to constantly evolve and adopt to the changing trends and features that market is producing to give your agency that competitive advantage. In this short write-up we’ll take a look at some of the best practices that will help your agency gain sustainable growth.


Incentives To The Clients    
Let’s keep it simple in such a crowded industry, design and creativity alone won’t be the differentiator. What incentives are you offering along with a superbly designed website? It could be pricing, online visibility, ease of accessibility, support services etc. These incentives stand out as the deciding factors for the client when they choose between which design agencies should create the digital face and presence for their brand.

Market Your Business         
Design agencies are focused on the creative and client project management, it is also important to build your brand and market your agency to continue to grow your business and acquire more clients. You can reach out them in a number of ways using the social media, advertising on the right platforms and asking your existing clients to refer you. There are two things that you need to do – figure out your target audience and approach them using the right platforms, from there just let your creativity flow and enjoy growing your agency.


Using the Right Technology
How do you approach a project? Are you in the habit of designing it and asking a developer to manually code it?  Though this was a standard model in the web development industry there are two problems with this approach. First you are over dependent on the coder and often loose creative control over the website and secondly manual coding accounts for about 70% of your revenue.  Webydo is the leading online professional website design platform that is enabling designers from around the world to create their clients websites code-free and with pixel-perfect accuracy. Already more than 65K professional designers from around the world have created more than 125K websites, and are helping shape the web design industry.

Why Use Webydo?

Turning Thoughts into Design
Designers appreciate ‘creative freedom’ more than anything else. It is important to have all the current design features at the tips of your fingers and ready to integrate them into your work flow. This is where Webydo fits into the bill perfectly as it allows you to turn your thoughts into reality. The Design Management System with its Photoshop like interface makes the design process intuitive for the creative professional. You will be aided by the drag-and-drop editor and other advanced web design features such as grid generator, smart guides and snapping, layers window, text caption for images and galleries. You can easily integrate sophisticated forms, set corner radiuses and do much more.


Client Friendly Interface     
Your clients always request for a user-friendly site management interface. As soon as you are done with the design Webydo automatically creates a friendly CMS for you and your client. The WYSIWYG editor allows your clients to add, update and manage content where all changes are reflected immediately to the users.  You can also lock some of the website design elements thus preserving total artistic control over the site. SEO features are also integrated into this platform and this increases the visibility of the site on the search engines. The CMS also has site analytics that allows clients to monitor real-time statistics on the website. You can customize the client login using your firm’s logo and brand name. And while talking about clients and brand building you have the ability to white label the CMS by adding in your brand logo to create a more professional work environment and send invoices to clients right from the dashboard and will not have to work with third party platforms.


Launch The Website With Ease
This is surely one reason that explains the overwhelming popularity of Webydo over other similar platforms. It allows you to publish the site independently. All that you need to do is click on the ‘Publish’ button and the site would get hosted on Webydo’s sub-domain under its ‘Free’ plan. The ‘Premium’ plan allows you to host a site under a custom domain. It has been priced competitively at $7.90 / month when billed annually. Here you also enjoy unlimited bandwidth and 2GB of storage space. The competitive pricing helps you save and invest in the future of your agency.

Powerful Cloud Hosting
The sites are hosted on a powerful cloud server that is monitored 24×7 and the data backed up regularly. A wide network of global servers mirrors the website allowing faster access even during traffic storms.  Enterprise level database security features are used hence securing your client’s website.

Participate In The Evolution
This platform has been created for the designers and by the designers. Here you can suggest new features that would make the ecosystem better. You can also report bugs and errors which would be attended immediately.

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