10 Exciting Premium WordPress Plugins That Are Worth Every Penny

Everything in the world comes with a price. It’s nature’s way of balancing the scales. So don’t be surprised when the premium WordPress plugins can cost you a lot. You need to spend something in order to acquire something that you really need. In our modern world, money is most often that ‘something’ I was referring to.

It is, of course, good to find free WordPress plugins that you could use with your blog or the website that you are currently developing. However, free plugins have drawbacks.

  • They work for a particular time frame only
  • Some work at a very minimal amount
  • The full features won’t be utilized unless you buy the plugin

Of course, our WordPress developer buddies work hard to brainstorm, design, and code, troubleshoot and re-code these plugins. They exert their utmost effort to help you with your daily WP needs. This is the main reason why some plugins can never be free, even if we wanted them to be.

1stwedesigner.com presents these plugins that were deemed to be the most practical, cost-effective and advantageous. Let’s try them!

UberMenu ($16)

Gravity Forms (Personal: $39, Business: $99, Developer $199)

Intense WordPress Plugin ($18)

Logos Showcase ($13)

SabaiDiscuss ($20)

Social Locker ($21)

Anticipate ($39)

Paypal File Download ($25)

Attention Grabber ($12)

WordPress Advanced Image Lazy Load ($12)

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