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No matter how much the trend of website making gets common among businesses, there are still a lot of business owners who have no idea how and from where they can get a website. People often think that to have a website, they need to hire a web agency or a web developer which would cost them a fortune.

Well, what business owners don’t know (and need to be informed about through this article) is that there is an awesome solution for their website creation needs called Wix – the free and easy website builder for every kind of personal and professional brand and business.


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In the following I’m going to discuss some of the most interesting and useful features that Wix offers for the most naïve of users to the most professional ones. Let’s take a look.

Essential Features

Although you can create any kind of website aimed at any type of niche or covering any business, however, there are certain essential features in a website that Wix offers to its users.

With the help of easy-to-use drag and drop Editor you can drag and drop any feature to customize your website according to your requirements even if you don’t have any prior knowledge in coding.

Additionally, you can easily manage your domain with custom domain name, free and reliable hosting service and he ability to connect your domain with Wix website. You can also have personalized mailboxes that go with your domain name.

Design Features

Wix prides itself in providing its users with best design features including over 500 carefully crafted modern website templates to choose from, as well as a variety of simple one-page templates. There’s a professional image editor, beautiful stock images and 40+ professional galleries, stunning static and video backgrounds – all of which you can add to your website.

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Moreover, you can pin elements to your screen, so they stay in place as visitors scroll through or resize the screen, add strips to your site with video, text that you can move around, a sleek fixed menu to your website that corresponds to the anchors on your site, as well as 3D parallax effect.

Social Media and Interactivity Features

In today’s online world, interactivity and the ability to connect with your customers, followers and readers is utmost important. You can add a beautiful and customizable blog to your site, as well as a social bar that lets visitors follow your social media accounts and keep your website fresh and interesting.

Plus, as Facebook is the most-used social media platform, Wix allows you to grow your audience and track your success with a variety of Facebook tools.

Business Features

Nowadays, almost all businesses are going online and so Wix offers certain special features to cater to your business website.

A contact manager helps you organize all your contacts, customers, site members and subscribers in one place. With SEO Wizard you can use search phrases and keywords to target your customers and improve your rankings on search engines. Similarly, there are financial tools that help you keep track of your finances, send professional invoices, track payments, and get paid.

Along with that you can have great site analytics to see the number of page views, where visitors come from, and how well you rank with competitors. You can also create channels of communication with your visitors and get their feedback on your products or services.

Online Store Features

E-commerce is talking over the online realm and so Wix offers its customers some cool features to create, maintain and manage their e-commerce website and online store.

The online store management feature offers you to track your orders, easily get payments, promote sales and manage shipping all from one place. You can select from different secure and easy payment methods including credit card, PayPal, and offline payments etc. Best of all, Wix takes no commission on any of the payments on your online store.

If your store ships product to a worldwide clientele, you can set customized tax and shipping rules for each destination. Also, for the customers who want to do shopping from your store on the go through their mobile phones, your online store created by Wix is mobile friendly and also comes with an option for creating a cool mobile app.

App Market

There are a number of niche-specific web apps and services that Wix offers for websites with different scopes. Some of the most famous apps are:

  • Wix Pro Gallery – for selling and featuring your images and photography on your websites.
  • Wix Forum – to interact with your customers through your website.
  • Wix Events – for creating events on your website and updating your visitors about the events.
  • Wix Art Store – for artists and painters to showcase and sell their work online
  • Wix Bookings – for service-based websites to manage booking from clients.

Some Ending Words

With so many features and attributes that Wix offers, all you need to do is to register at and simply start creating a website quickly easily and absolutely free.

Article written by:

Waqas Ejaz is a Media Science Researcher at Technical University of Ilmenau and the co-founder and Marketing Manager of e-Commerce platform TasMart

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