Author: Asma Abbas

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Illustrations that Matter, 40 Useful Adobe Illustrator 3D Tutorials

Adobe Illustrator has come in the designing world  as a blessing and a way to make the designing world a better place. It is a versatile application that allows designers and a lot of professional artists to explore the limits of creativity. It is an application that is quickly gaining a lot of popularity and is preferred by a lot these days. Vector illustration is so much better with Adobe Illustrator as it opens new ways to using vector illustration. Its the robust nature and it being loaded with powerful tools of Adobe Illustrator that makes it a ready-to-use application for any kind of vector work. Coupled with an intuitive interface, it seems even better.
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Information the Graphical Way, 30 Intriguing Examples of Infographics

As an introduction, Infographics means information graphics or you can simply say that infographics is the representation of data, information and knowledge visually. Infographics is used best where there is complex information and which needs to be explained in a way that is clear, quick and can be memorized easily. The most common areas where infographics are used are education, technical writing, journalism, maps and signs, however, the use is not limited to simply that. It can be used in as many places as their is need and where its use can be suitable and beneficial. On a higher level, infographics are used by statisticians, mathematicians and computer scientists who employ this feature for ease in data presentation.
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Mastering Adobe’s Vector Art Tool with 10 Awesome Tutorials

One only needs to be creative and then there is a myriad of vector art tools available for them to test the limits of their creativity. Adobe Illustrator came as blessing to web and graphic designers and animators who can make use of as many tools as they can. From type art to faux 3D effects and from infographics to retro styling, every thing has a tutorial available. Mastering Adobe's Vector Art Tool with 10 Awesome Tutorials will enable you to create wonderful vectors in no time.