weapons of mass disruption

WittyLeak # 2 Weapons of Mass Disruption

Today's Witty Leak refers to an interesting yet ironic situation in the world politics where the super power United States of America is constant tension with Islamic Republic of Iran over nuclear non-proliferation. In this particular news cartoon Iran is showed as haressing USA's economy over their gas prices.
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It is Time the World Needs CreatiWittyBlog

Hello! My name is Arfa Mirza and I think it’s time the world needs CreatiWittyBlog. If we see around us, we might see a number of blogs that are based on the theme of creative ideas and a similar number of blogs cater to witty content. That, however, was not enough to tickle the palates of those who wanted the best of both. Owing to this, I came up with an idea to fuse my creative thoughts and wonderful wits into one fine blog that leaves it readers nothing but impressed… and Eureka! I founded CreatiWittyBlog.
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